Printed and Digital Content: A Constant Evolution


As with many aspects in media relations, audience preferences are always evolving. For some, nothing could replace their traditional morning ritual of reading the daily newspaper while drinking a cup o’ joe before work. For others, taking an afternoon break from the workday and reading a few blogs on their iPad is the best way to catch a break and learn what’s going on around the world. There are those who wait for the national nightly news to get caught up on the day’s events. And still others like me who subscribe to breaking news alerts sent to my email inbox as it happens. (Ah, the life of a news junkie.)


I need to point out that this isn’t a case for the use of one form of content over the other. It is a question of how these forms will evolve in our ever-changing media environment. One distinct change is how frequently content is being shared, no matter the outlet, and it grow exponentially.


While every medium has its loyal followers, one common revolutionary trait is that everyone is able to access and share digital content because we’re all linked within the same technology. Given that technology, marketing-minded professionals are now able to blog about a story they heard on the radio, which then can be linked to their profile and shared on LinkedIn, then later turned into an op/ed for the newspaper. Content sharing has become ubiquitous. This infographic created by Qmee shows a glimpse of what is happening and being shared online during a 60-second timespan.


What impact does this have on the dissemination of your brand message? It’s probably a more notable impact than you may think. New readers are found at each outlet and the impact of the article is greatly multiplied. Not only is content being accessed by more people, it is also more timely and relevant. Essentially, content is now able to keep up with not only the ever-evolving world of media, but also everything in between.


So you’ve gotten a media placement. Now what? Think of content as a cone or reversed funnel. It starts out small and then expands and evolves into something bigger and even something different. No matter the form of media, your content now has the ability to be shared and reshaped. Use this to your advantage. Keep up with what your followers are saying and utilize this information to help your company grow and reference it in the future as you’re creating more content.


Remember, now is the optimal time to become a content-focused company and build your brand organically. Have something smart to say? Get it out there and spread the word.

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