Promotional Products: What’s in your junk drawer?

Promotional Products: What's in your junk drawer? A sneak peek at what's in my junk drawer. Yes, that is a baggie full of flashlights and keychains...

We’ve got one, and we know you do too. Yes, it’s the “junk drawer”–you know, the one filled with odds and ends of promotional pens, stress balls, and notepads. Maybe you picked up these items at a business expo or local event. Maybe you even used it. Or maybe it just got tossed into the junk drawer. As business owners, we understand these items all have a place in marketing, but the important question is this: do you have a complete, comprehensive marketing strategy in place for your promotional products?

 What’s In Your Junk Drawer?

One of the most effective uses of promotional products I have seen is a simple fly swatter. But what takes this fly swatter from ordinary to extraordinary is that it is branded by an exterminating company and given to new homeowners who are making that all-important decision: who do I call for “fill-in-the-blank.” This is marketing branded promotional products with a clear purpose!

Smart Uses of Promotional Products

Some other smart uses of smart uses of promotional products include I’ve seen include:

    • The sponsor of a beer garden at an outdoor festival uses branded stadium cups. Each time a consumer purchases a new beer, a new cup is offered. I actually saw some event attendees collecting their cups like it was a trophy!
    • Home security system company provides key fobs to new homeowners in a welcome basket provided by the Real Estate agent. This is a double benefit, as the homeowner has his keys in his hand every day, and the home security company is being endorsed by the realtor, someone the homeowner has come to trust explicitly.
    • For B2B companies, a local advertiser offers mints in a branded tin. Every time the business owner heads into a meeting, she pops a breath mint, and sees the advertisers’ logo.

Creating a Promotional Product Campaign

I consider this when I create a promotional product marketing campaign. I Understand the objective. Is the goal of your promotional campaign to build brand awareness? Boost sales? Show customer appreciation? When I know the answer at the start it helps me proceed in the right direction with my promo campaign. My item could: spark a conversation, be useful, make people smile, create trust, or solve a problem. Then I look for quality products where I can place and promote your brand like what offer. The item you choose to endorse your product can make or break your marketing tactics as most people keep and notice only those that are useful or enticing.

So, even if it’s just a fun new twist on your promotional can koozie or water bottle label, can you think of ways to use these ideas in your next promotional product marketing campaign, that won’t end up in someone else’s junk drawer?

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