Public Relations 101: How Press Kits, Media Kits, PR Kits Get Made!

public relations
public relations

Public Relations 101: How Press Kits, Media Kits, PR Kits Get Made!

Where do those press kits get made? Who writes the press releases the media get every day? Ever watch a commercial only to have it resonate it with you all day? The creative department, especially at Marketing Maven, works closely with every client to develop a professional brand image and help them establish a strong, unique brand identity to stay competitive in their industries.

The Creative Team

The Creative Department fulfills the core marketing needs of our clients through the creation of marketing, copywriting, creative, branding and sales assets. Fulfilling these needs means we are no longer buying attention, but earning it. Someone must hear the brand and it’s stories for them to be memorable and the creative content must leave consumes inclined to speak, share, comment, update and check-in.

The goal of a creative team should be to have consumers tell the brand’s stories for them. This is done through creating experiences through creative that leaves consumers want to build something of their own around a brand. How? Work with the end-goal in mind, capturing the attention of the consumer.

Our Copywriter, Samantha Arigapudi, talks about the importance of creativity in delivering memorable content, “it’s important for copy, visual and verbal, to be something of resonance to the consumer. Geico did this successfully with their hump day camel where either working professionals or otherwise can relate because of it’s humor, outlandishness, and minimalism. Sometimes, and counter intuitively, it takes a moment to think as if there is no box to relate to a diverse array of consumers and build lasting brands.”

Products, experiences, environments, and the process to create these lasting impressions starts with understanding a customer’s relationship to your content, and adding value to it. This is done successfully when public relations departments work closely together. Departments should be united in the creative process to best reach consumers on all fronts.

Questions to think when putting together a creative plan should be, “How can the brand spur conversation?” “What can we create of value?” “How can people participate with the brand?”

If a team member understands the value of these questions and the relationship between valuable content to create relationships, you’re on your way to creating a successful creative team.

See how the top five Public Relations campaigns in history stood out from others because of their creativity in the infographic above.

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