Putting Your Best Foot Forward with an Organized Workspace

Putting Your Best Foot Forward with an Organized Workspace

Just as your home is an extension of yourself, so is your workspace. It says a lot about you, who you are, and how you work. Surely you want to send the most positive message possible. It’s easy to revitalize your office or workspace by following a few basic tips from your NYC professional office organizer; this doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. In fact, you can implement some of this NYC professional organizer’s steps in just a few minutes’ time today – allowing you to become more productive and portray the best possible image with your workspace.

File Flawlessly

  • This key piece of advice for physical and digital files alike. Don’t let those papers or documents pile up on your desk or those emails clutter up your in-boxes.  Our NYC professional office organizer always tells her clients to process both as quickly as possible by moving them into the appropriate action tray and digital action folder, or to file them if no further action is required.  Ensure that the documents or emails that require your attention now have a home and you can easily locate them when it is time to complete the tasks that they contain.
  • Another top tip from your NYC professional organizer: mimic the organization style of your physical files with your e-files; this allows you to access documents quickly, minimizing the amount of time you’ll spend retrieving information.

Negotiate NEEDS vs. Wants

  • This step relates to all that STUFF you have on your desk or have tossed into the drawers… This includes things  a co-worker has given you that you feel you can’t part with, supplies you thought you’d put to good use but have yet to open, or just things you like having around, like that conference giveaway, even if they offer no value to your work. Our NYC professional office organizer tells her clients to start by going through each drawer, cabinet, and shelf and asking themselves: “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, it should be returned to the supply storage closet, donated, or discarded.
  • Then comes the difficult part – actually ridding your desk of those items deemed unnecessary. Donate anything that could be useful to others. Put those surplus office supplies back in the storage cabinet, keeping just one backup of frequently used items, like post-it notes or staples.

Go with the Flow

  • Now that you’ve weaned your workspace to only the essentials, and combated some clutter with your flawless filing, it’s time to create a productive work flow with the items you have left by following the office organization tips and ideas below.
  • Determine which items you access most often and store them in the topmost/most accessible drawer or shelf and place the supplies which are used less frequently in drawers or cabinets furthest from your chair.

Positive Personality

  • While expressing your personality is wonderful, a little personality goes a long way – you want your workspace to speak – not scream – positively about you. A few family photos, a fun knick knack, even a piece of art that speaks to you and/or an indoor plant are all examples of personal items that are totally accessible to have in your office.
  • No one wants to be “that” person in the office who people talk about because his or her desk is over taken by porcelain animals or snow globes. Not to mention, as our NYC professional office organizer would point out, an abundance of personal items contributes to clutter which can be very distracting. Keep it simple and tasteful. If you’re not sure about an item, think about what it will say about you to others.


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