Quitting Smoking? Give Social Media a Try

Quitting Smoking? Give Social Media a Try

“Quitting smoking is easier for social media users,” proclaims this study.

It’s not the only one. Many studies have been carried out into the helping hand social media renders to users who are trying to quit smoking. If true, this is extremely encouraging news given the ballooning numbers of social media users all over the world.

Quitting smoking is among the hardest things a person can do. Despite knowing the dangers of smoking well, people find it difficult to wean themselves off cigarettes. Anything that makes it possible, or even easier, is hugely welcome help. And if social media is bringing about this effect among smokers, as suggested by a few studies, kudos to it! But what could be the reasons behind it?

Let’s explore a few.

It’s the Power of Connecting

Not to say that smokers are all isolated individuals but smoking, unlike drinking, isn’t exactly a social activity either.

For a smoker, life outside like-minded communities could mean being judged endlessly. The rising tide against smoking, and the banning of it in public places, has led to a semi- ostracization of smokers. Profiles on online dating sites routinely display a deep distaste for smokers. It’s easy to feel victimized and discouraged in such circumstances.

When you connect to people like yourself, you can relax and be yourself. You can also see that your struggles aren’t unique. Social networking communities dedicated to smokers make them feel welcome. Here are thousands of people just like you who are struggling to quit smoking!

Social Network Communities Can Be Therapeutic

Social media is often ridiculed for its vanity-inducing and time-wasting characteristics, but dedicated groups and communities get a lot done.

Smoking is as much psychological as it is a physiological urge. Understanding the underlying psychological reasons is the key to successfully overcoming an addiction. And talking freely is a big part of zeroing in on your psychological triggers and extending to yourself the therapy you need.

Consider the following:

“Social networking sites invite people constantly to share their thoughts and actions with others, confess their wrongdoings and highlight their achievements.

“This turns these sites into tools for self-reflection. It’s like keeping a diary, but it’s more public, frequent and up-to-date. For users, it can become a therapeutic tool that helps them to discover how they feel and how they can improve themselves.”

Study claims the use of social networking sites can be therapeutic

Unlike in real life, unless you are extremely lucky to be surrounded by a supportive and understanding circle of friends, you can actually open up about your insecurities, and whatever it is that’s driving you to continue smoking, on a social media group.

Social Network Communities Contain Experts and a Lot of Resources

It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous, except it isn’t anonymous.

It’s common to find dedicated professionals and former smokers eager to share helpful resources in social communities online. Easy accessibility of these resources allows you to understand your own condition and reasons for smoking. Expert guidance also means you use tried and tested tactics to overcome your cigarette reliance.

You learn from others, their mistakes, their failures, as well as their successes. It encourages you to stay on course. And if you relapse, it saves you from being overly critical of yourself.

Help and Support Are at Hand 24/7

Battling an addiction on your own can be extremely difficult. If none of your smoker friends is interested in giving up the cigarette it may become even more difficult for you to do so yourself. The local smoking cessation clinic has its timings and so do all the groups who meet up in real life.

If you smoke when you are stressed out, you can identify the trigger and instead of picking up a cigarette log into your social media account and just talk about what you are going through. Due to the live and universal nature of social media, you are bound to find someone or the other online all the time.

Since you can access the Web via your smartphone as well, your geographical location wouldn’t matter either.

Call this solid and reliable support no matter what time it is or where you are. This alone can save you a few relapses, and each relapse prevented is a small achievement to be proud of, and will ultimately play a big role in your victory over smoking.

They Encourage You to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

No one ever went from smoking two packs a day to none in a matter of days.

Quitting smoking is always a gradual and often atrocious process. Your social network group knows this very well and will you guide through the process making it as easy as possible for you. Smoking less and less with each passing week also helps a lot and makes the transition to stopping altogether easier. From switching to e-cigarettes, to getting a nicotine patch, to learning meditation and yoga to handle your stress, you will find good and helpful suggestions to lessen your dependence on tobacco.Some of the best anti-smoking apps also have social media integration built into them to help smokers on their journey back to health. More so, trying a portable davincivaporizer would help get you out of the deadly habit because it does not contain nicotine. So, if you are really decided to quit smoking, you take a baby step process to eventually forsake it.


A combination of good-natured and reliable advice, which is available round-the-clock, and an assuring supportive group rooting for smokers to succeed in their efforts to kick the butt – this is what makes social media so effective and helpful for smokers. You can tell your story, ask for help, and receive well-meaning and excellent information and support in return.

If you know anyone who is looking to conquer the habit of smoking, or if you are battling it yourself, find a good social networking community dedicated to this purpose. If research is anything to go by, it will have the effect of calming you down, putting you on the right path, and bringing in place a healthier lifestyle to root out substance dependence.

Lindsay Fox is freelance writer and blogger and she writes for Ecigarette Reviewed. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and three young children.



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