Raise Confident and Content Daughters

Nobody said it would be easy! Let’s face it; raising daughters is a challenge for even the best of us. However, that does not mean we take a step back from empowering our daughters and allowing them to blossom into confident, young women – here’s how we can achieve that.

Know Your Influence

Daughters look up to no one more than they look up to their mothers. You have a big responsibility on your shoulders as you will have a serious impact on who your daughter grows up to be. Cut the gossip – you do not want your little girl learning that from you. Speak clearly and with conviction; your daughter needs to learn that if she has something important to say, she needs to speak up loud and clear. Get active! Dance, or go out for a run together, because you need to make your daughter learn to love her form – no place for low self-esteem.

Make Her Realize She is Unique

Every child is unique, and so is your daughter. Instead of forcing your opinions or choices on her, allow her to explore her passions. Do not limit her to the popular interests, let her fish out her favorite authors, or musicians, and of course the hobbies. You never know your girl may surprise you, by being interested in something as mundane as archeology, or as bizarre as mime. Let her be different, and join in the celebration.

Compliment Her Imperfections

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

Perfection is boring; it doesn’t allow you to cherish beauty. Stop trying to fit your daughter into the mold of perfection. Let her make mistakes and then learn from them. Allowing your daughter to gain wisdom through the process of trial and error will help her build confidence. Let her get chaotic, fall down, or have a cat fight and let her grow by making good on them. Admit the mistakes you have made, so she knows it’s only human to be imperfect. Try new things together, get messy, and have fun.

Let Her Express Herself

Girls are prone to exhibiting frequent emotions, often leading us to believe that they are emotionally intelligent. However, we tend to forget the fact that from a very young age, girls learn to put others’ emotions before their own. They are brought up to believe that they need to always put up a happy face suppressing feelings like envy, insecurity, and anger. You need to teach your girl that that these ‘bad’ emotions need to be expressed; that it is all right to be upset, because it indicates that there is something that matters to them. Above all, you need to shower your daughter with unconditional love and support so she knows she’s got strong roots.

We know raising kids is not an easy job, especially when you want them to grow up in to responsible, and confident adults; which is why we keep bringing you the best parenting tips and techniques for support and guidance. There is no ‘right’ way of parenting, each child being unique, but with experience and good parenting tips here, you can always find your way.


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