Raising a smart kid

For generations, every parent has wished that their child should be smart and talented. To achieve this goal, parents have tried various tips and tricks. In some cases, the end result was worth being proud of while in a number of cases the end result was a total waste.

Today’s post is for those parents who have either failed to raise a smart kid because they have been either trying too hard or have not understood ways to raise a smart kid.

So, here are some tips that should help you serve this purpose.


Read with them

Reading newspaper, magazines or books? Let them be with you. This will help them in a number of ways. When they are around you, and you are reading something, your kids will learn new words, phrases, news, topics related to general knowledge and much more. So, when you are reading, let them be around you.

This will help in developing their little minds.


Answer their questions

To be a proud parent of a smart kid, you need to be sure that you are even smart. So, if they have a question that is lingering in their mind, get an answer to their questions and let them know about it.

When your kid is less than five years old, he/she is mainly dependent on you to get answers to their questions. At this time, if you try to ignore their questions by asking them to use technology to get answers to their questions; you will make them dependent on technology. This is not good. Even if you are using technology to give answers to their question, you are using technology, but you are not forcing your little kids to be dependent on technology. So, let them stay away from tech and get answers to their questions.

As they grow up, they will start finding answers on their own, but make sure that you do not force them to be dependent on technology during the early years.


Interact with them

Interacting with your kids is good because it gives you an opportunity to know and test their level of smartness. At their end, this is an opportunity for them to know more about things and learn new things and facts from you.

So, don’t miss this opportunity. This has mutual importance, and you should make sure that you use it properly to help your kids grow smart.


Intelligent toys

With festivals and your child’s birthdays, you have so many opportunities to give gifts to your kids.

Here, if you are planning to gift them entertaining toys, you should think again. Entertaining toys are available in plenty, and your kids will love it too. However, the toy will lose its value after being used for a month or two. The worst part is that your kid will not learn anything from entertaining toys.

Look for smart, intelligent and educational toys that will help them think and be creative with regular tasks.

Having said this, one should not think that only the latter is good for your kids.

You need to mix the two categories, that is – educational and entertaining toys, and gift it to your kids.

With only intelligent, education toys, your kids will be a boring intellect child. This can even force the kid to be isolated in school and at events.

So, keep a mix of educational and entertaining toys.

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We know that Jack will not be active physically if you force him to study all the time. You know, Study all the time and no playtime will make Jack a physically inactive kid.

This is bad because his/her thinking will be limited, and you should know that while playing even, the creative mind is active and helps kids to innovate with things. So, let them play freely and think when the situation demands.



You don’t need to buy a gym membership for them. But getting them in the habit of exercising is important. Exercising helps in a number of ways. It is a physical activity, and it increases the blood flow in the brain. It also builds new brain cells.

So, make sure that you kids exercise and have dedicated time for exercising.


TV limit

It is often said that TV is bad. In reality even, TV is bad to a great extent. So, you need to make sure that you limit your child’s TV exposure. Let them know the disadvantages of TV and ask them to make a choice that helps them improve their level of smartness.


Computer games

Like toys, you need to make even sure that you kid has computer games that are even smart and entertaining. Here, making a choice can be difficult if you do not have adequate knowledge about computer games.

In this case, either ask other parents who have adequate knowledge about it or look for online reviews for computer games. An online store like Target.com offers many computer games, and you should definitely find reviews for each and every game listed in the store. At the same time, offers and discounts should help you decide whether those games still fall within your budget or not.


Apart from this, what else would you like to share with us? Let us know about it in the comments.


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