Re-branding the Re-branders. What is a Re-brand anyway?

What is a Re-brand? 

Your brand is who you are. If you grew your company from your bedroom, worked late into the night, sometimes for far less than minimum wage, then your brand is you. If you worked a second job to pay for your website, then pitched, proposed and promised to get where you are, then your brand is everything about you.

Branding isn’t a logo. It’s your core values and personality, it’s what you say and how you say it.

No amount of brand strategizing will make you ethical or international, or community engaged if you’re not. Branding professionals can take your money but they’ll never make you something you’re aren’t. Your brand is who you are. The best branding agencies are the ones who help you pluck out the very best bits of you.

You’ve invested so much time and energy into designing a product, honing a service and building a base of clients. You want to be remembered for how you treat your staff and suppliers, your supporters your and customer. You know the kind of company you want to run. Your branding is how you communicate that want.

But over time, as we grow it becomes harder to stick to the original path. Sure, you started off as a journalist, but those few commissions as an in-house PR really paid off and you’re spending more and more time writing press copy and less pounding the streets looking for a scoop. Isn’t it time you stopped calling yourself a journalist and embraced PR? What about that bookshop, weren’t you just going to sell books? Now it’s coffee, and organic snacks, and holistic therapies, and a meeting place and day care for bored parents. You know it’s the books that pay, but your customers can’t get past the piles of cakes and crystals.

It’s easy to lose sight of your brand amidst the day to day madness of running your company. This is when you need to rebrand.

Rebranding, different to branding is all about rediscovering yourself. You may be successful in a new market and need to reposition yourself, telling your story in a new, original way. You may do something now far better than you did it six years ago, so your re brand shouts about your increased levels of expertise. You may be bigger, smaller, more international or local and in need of a new way of saying “look! We’re different.”

What we didn’t realise before we undertook our own rebrand exercise is that not only do you need to say “we’re different,” but you also need to say “don’t worry, the bits you loved are still exactly the same.” That’s the hard bit, that’s the part we hadn’t considered before this exercise. That’s the really scary bit.


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