Realizing Success & Reaching Your SOAR spot



Last week as I was enjoying the traditional start of summer with the Memorial Day weekend, I sat outside in a few moments of solitude. The warm sun was in sharp contrast to the snow-filled winter. For a few moments it was as if my back yard was my own private bird sanctuary. I watched as they flew from tree to tree, stopping for brief moments to rest until they soared away against the brilliance of the blue sky. While flying from tree to tree, their wings flapped more rapidly and when they flew away, they reached a height and their flight seemed effortless. They reached their SOAR spot.

Soaring flight is typically smooth and gentle without fast changes of direction or sharp dives. Soaring birds seldom flap their wings; they know how to take advantage of updrafts of air.

Humans can also reach their S.O.A.R spot

Life, whether personal or professional, should not feel like a struggle to reach our soar spot. It should not feel like a battle against the wind but rather letting the wind assist us so we can soar. We can take advantage of our own life updrafts so we can reach great heights as well.

Personal S.O.A.R spots can be reached like this:

S – Survey

O – Overcome Obstacles

A – Attain Focused Discipline

R – Realize the Reward


Conduct your personal survey. Imagine you are surveying your life and career with a bird’s eye or panoramic view.  By this, I mean taking a critical and unobstructed view from all angles. Can you clearly see where you want to go? Do you clearly understand where you want to be? In the survey mode, you will see your opportunities and your challenges in meeting those opportunities. This panoramic survey will show you your strengths, areas that you need to transform, and obstacles that can clutter your path. You have to assess all of these so you won’t miss your personal updraft to help you rise.


You identified potential obstacles or those areas that might give you a little trouble in the survey mode. Remember, an obstacle is just temporary until you find your way around it. Once you understand it, you can devise a plan to overcome it. Sometimes you just need to change your path or create your own new path.


So, you see the path and you understand the obstacles. You’ve put a plan into place to overcome them. Now’s the time to attain that focused discipline. Focused discipline is an essential quality that is a key success factor in helping you reach your SOAR spot. Your focused discipline incorporates your self-motivation so you won’t be derailed along the way.


You’ve made it to your SOAR spot! Just don’t miss the fact that the reward is often in the journey as well. The journey and those experiences make you who you are but for now, enjoy it. Enjoy spreading your wings and effortlessly soaring. Feels great, doesn’t it? It’s just important that you understand this is not the end journey.   You can’t stay at that height for long periods of time. You have to come down to rest and reflect. The goal while in your SOAR spot is to maintain that panoramic view and understand that there will always be obstacles along the way. The difference is that if you understand where you want to go and how to break through the obstacles, you will always be able to take advantage of life’s updrafts that will keep you soaring.

Have fun SOARING!

The above is an excerpt from my book scheduled to be released in the Fall 2014 called “Your SOAR spot.”

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