Reasons Why You Should Consider Updating Your Business Cards

Every year, it is highly recommended that you update your business cards. You do not want to get left behind in business networking with old looking cheap business cards of course. That is why you have to make sure that you do your business card updates correctly every year before you actually mass produce them.

So instead of just simply printing these business cards cheap like the usual, be more proactive and mould them properly. This article will help you focus on the correct key foundational elements in business card printing that should help you get the right updates for your prints. Just make sure you read all these items very carefully so that you can do these tricks for your business cards easily.

1. Your contact information and media portals – The first step in updating your business card templates is for you to update the contact information as well as other media portal mentions in your content itself. As we all know, every year, there will be some changes to your contact information. While landline numbers should be static, mobile phone numbers can sometimes change, as well as email addresses, website URLS and more particularly social networking handles.

That is why it is highly recommended that you update your contact information every year so that people will get the most accurate details to contact you more easily. Make sure you add everything possible so that people can pick the most comfortable method of responding to your business card printing.

2. Your logos – Another important thing to update once you print cards cheap are your logos. Logos are basically specialized graphics that add that special authority mark on your full color business cards. While it is good to have an enduring symbol, you have to make sure that you update or refine your logos so that they always look modern and trendy.

That old style logo from the 1990s will probably look corny now on the 2010s, and in fact some digital styles from 2011 might not even look cool now in 2012. That is why it is best to update your logos and graphics every time you print business cards online every year.

3. Your fonts – You should also think about updating your fonts in card printing. Especially with business cards, the text font style itself can dictate the main theme or look of the card. Using some new fresh looking font styles should add that cool and trendy look that is appropriate for the New Year. Otherwise, your business cards might look a bit old and used up, not worthy of new attention. So make it a point to update your fonts whenever applicable.

4. Your colors – If you are using the same old color theme that you used in your older type business card, you have to realize that there is the risk that other people might mistake it for the old one. This is counterproductive since you will want your past acquaintances to notice your more updated custom business cards so that they will read those more thoroughly. So you must update your color scheme and not use the past scheme of your business cards. Believe me, your cards will be able to get more contacts and better responses, especially from your past acquaintances.

5. Your materials – Finally, if you do have the extra resources to update your cheap business cards, you will want to avail of better materials in business card printing. Better materials means better quality and of course a far more impressive business card for 2012. So review your options and try to upgrade the paper, the inks and other embedded elements in your custom cards.

So what are you waiting for? Apply as many of these updates as you can in your business card printing and designs.

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  1. Respectfully, I disagree with much of the advice this article provides and here is why:

    Your logo, your fonts and your colors all lend themselves to creating your WHOLE visual brand. These are components that, when used repeatedly and consistently, create recognition, memorability and credibility. Every time you change something, you wind up diluting your brand because you are send a confusing message. On the other hand, applying a consistent style cohesively across all your marketing platforms says “I am established, I have faith in my brand, I stand for something and I have been around for a while and you can trust that I will be here for a long time to come.” But if you are constantly changing things up every time the mood strikes you, you only wind up depleting your brand’s trust factor. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against changing things. But only WHEN and IF there’s a good reason (such as when a brand’s image is no longer relevant or fails to connect). To change things without first taking into account your market and how your brand relates to your customer’s pain points, is more damaging to your business than helpful. Change up your materials, sure. But keep visuals consistent if you wish to be perceived as credible and your brand taken seriously. If you already have a successful business, and you simply want to freshen things up, make minor visual changes with the help of a freelance designer who can improve your brand’s look without damaging its recognition/credibility factor. But never, ever make drastic changes to any brand without first taking into account the HOWs and WHYs. Doing so will only hurt your brand. I promise.

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