Reawakening of Purpose

Still looking for signs. I think I see one.
I was watching The Dr. Oz Show the other day (as you do) when he said something that struck a chord with me. It was in essence a reawakening of purpose for this blog, not that it has really gone off course.

He was talking to a guy who had found a cure to his back pain and was asking if he had shared his success with his Doctor. When the guy said he was embarrassed by the solution and didn’t want to tell his doctor, Dr. Oz response went something like this:

“I don’t want you to ever be embarrassed if you find something that works for you just because we didn’t know about it”

“It’s about you talking to the folks that are governing you and giving you advice and trying to heal you”

“You need to tell your doctor, you know why? Because every other patient that doctor sees is going to benefit because you were willing to put your hand up and say, you know what, I was having back pain, I wasn’t getting relief from the medication, the injections, the operations. They weren’t working for me. I wanted to try this new therapy out and you know what? It works for me. Please share it with other people”

Why did this resonate so?

It was because it reconnected me to the core that binds the whole blog together.

Sure, there is a lot of fun and fluff on the blog, musings and some may say ramblings. It is after all a journey from sickness to sensational, and we can’t reach our goal without visualising (and preferably living) the sensational side. There are also messages of hope about the motivation and strength required to move forward. However, the underlying message is simple. It’s about:

* Getting the message out there

* Creating awareness

* Sharing information

* Providing alternate options that you or your Doctor may not be aware of

* To educate

* To find solutions to health issues

So, as I have been falling back down the hill on my climb from sickness to sensational, I am renewing my search to try new things. To rid myself of ill heath. I have been complacent since finding the primary cause of my symptoms, but I am still not over it yet. Therefore, its time to get back out there and try other options to help push me towards the goal of sensational.

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Some of the things I try will work and others will fail (for me) but the main point is to share my discoveries and if something works spread the word.

I know I have exhausted all options when it comes to standard medical diagnosis, and although I have tried a number of natural therapies, I am ready to try a few more.

Interestingly, I have tried iridology, chinese herbs, acupuncture, massage, allergy clinics, Kinesiology and energy healing . Yet two of the most prominent I have yet to try, so I am deciding which way to go first – Naturopathy or Homeopathy. I am also investigating Leaky Gut Syndrome.

To get me started on the next stage of my journey from sickness to sensational, please tell me:

Have you found a solution to your health issues?

Have you tried natural therapies or unusual therapies that have worked for you?

Naturopathy, Homeopathy or other?

Till next time….


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