Recharged! OR Hardly Charged?


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If you’re like most people, you start your day at maximum capacity and then begin to dwindle as your day progresses to the late afternoon.

Your week is wearing you down?

Tap a Nap!

Not getting enough sleep?

Take a Nap!

Losing energy mid-afternoon?

Take a Nap!

Don’t reach for another cup of caffeine.

Don’t grab the next sugary thing next to you.

Take a Nap!

Find a quiet spot. Set a timer for 10-20 min. close your eyes. For a few moments… Inhale deeply…Exhale deeply. Take a long breath in and long breath out and sigh. Release the tension of the day.  Sit still, eyes closed and be quiet and calm.

The time you took to rejuvenate will be worth it. You will feel energized.  It will be better than sugar and caffeine.  If you’re thinking you don’t have time, set that negative thought aside and try it. You might be pleasantly surprised at the end of your rest.

When in doubt?

Take a Nap!

Planting Peace!



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She launched Piece of Time Peace of Mind™ in 2009-a business that is designed to offer services to help people with their overwhelmed lives. Her business offers services as cooking, decorating, personal shopping, grocery shopping, meal prepping, organizing your home, office and or garage. She can even help you with your business offering fresh ideas, resources and streamline your systems, to work more efficiently for you.

“I am now helping people who are overwhelmed or have no time, by being an extra set of hands I am able to work with individuals and help them create balance in their lives. I can be your Balance coach offering support and suggestions to gain Peace in your life. I believe everyone Deserves Peace.”
When Shelley is not busy planting peacefulness you will find her cooking, gardening volunteering or playing with her pets click here. She actively fosters Babies, participates in senior companionship, networks for animal rescue, mentors students and donates her time at the local library.