Reclaiming Healthy Beautiful Skin

*This post is sponsored by Cetaphil® 100% of the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Following the birth of my child my beautiful pregnancy glow faded – scratch that, thanks to crazy postpartum hormones it was burned off of my face and replaced with red, irritated and very itchy skin. The face wash I had been reaching for since high school was now my nemesis, and its harsh chemicals were no longer welcomed.

cetaphil3I headed to my trusted dermatologist for some guidance for my newfound skin woes. Without any hesitation, I was directed to purchase Cetaphil®, as it could provide a gentle cleanse that could also moisturize without breaking my pocketbook.

After the first wash, I knew I had found a new staple for my medicine cabinet. Instantly, my burned, sensitive  skin felt calmed.  The irritated look my face had acquired began to recede within a couple of days. The natural ingredients were gentle on my skin and left it feeling clean, refreshed and calm.

My immediate results were reassuring, but as my body continued to reset itself from pregnancy my skin was a roller coaster, going from extremely dry, to normal and back to my pre-pregnancy combination skin. Ascetaphil2 my skin would take a turn, I would once again become apprehensive for fear of having to find another face wash that would result in the same painful reaction – that was, until I realized that Cetaphil® carries a full spectrum of face washes and moisturizers for every skin type.

Achieving moisturized and beautiful skin left me thirsty for even more results. To enhance my daily beauty regime, I began incorporating Cetaphil® body wash. The creamy wash pampers skin from head-to-toe and doesn’t leave skin feeling like you need to dash to the nearest lotion bottle once you get out of the shower.

cetaphil5Once I experienced the benefits from using Cetaphil®, I knew that I could trust using Cetaphil® Baby on my little ones. It reassured me to know that the baby line is paraben free, mineral oil free and hypoallergenic.

The heavenly scented baby washes and moisturizers all have the not so secret ingredient of organic calendula. Calendula has been used for ages for as a calming extract derived from the marigold flower. The washes are ever so gentle on baby’s delicate skin and the moisturizers keep baby’s tushie soft without feeling greasy. More importantly, I am confident that the line-up is safe and effective for tiny tots because of its gentle formula.

Cetaphil®, and its line-up of gentle but powerful products, has become a staple for my whole family. It is easy tocetaphil1 see why Cetaphil® is recommended by dermatologists (including my own) and pediatricians.

I say arrivederci to having product after product in the family medicine cabinet and choose one brand of skincare products that are gentle and effective for my entire family and their different skin needs – we choose to say hello to feeling Beautiphil™.

This post is sponsored by Cetaphil®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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