Reflecting Back on the Beginning: Winky Designs

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Hey guys! My name’s Vanessa and I am a part of the 9 person team here at Winky Designs. We’re a very close knit group of young women (and 2 guys!) who believe passionately in our brand and products. Our fearless leader, Winky Wu, is the founder and designer for Winky Designs and came to create the brand in a very unconventional manner. So pull up a seat and grab some popcorn, I’d like to re-introduce you to Winky Designs and its founder Winky…And yes. That really is her name.

Winky doesn’t have a degree in designing nor is she a big follower of the luxury fashion houses dominating the editorial spreads and red carpets. She loves honest, accessible, and affordable style and this proved to be a catalyst for Winky Designs. In 2011, Winky worked as an accountant for Mattel, Inc. in Hong Kong and it was here that she found the importance of bringing joyful designs to people across the globe. Also during this time, she fell in love with Ray, an American gentleman, and was determined to make their long distance relationship work, so she decided to leave the corporate world and start her own business! You see, she needed the flexibility that owning your own business affords in order to uproot her life to move to the US so she could finally be with the man of her dreams. But “Why watches?!” you ask. Although she wasn’t a high-fashion kinda lady, Winky loved accessories and it was while conducting some research, she discovered a huge gap in the wristwatch industry. She noticed watches were either very high end Swiss movement timepieces you cherish forever or no-name cheaply made watches you can find on sale 2 for $10. Winky wanted to fill that gap with her own high quality brand of affordable stylish watches that would bring a smile to whoever would wear it. She got in touch with some factories, tried her hand at designing….and the rest (as they say) is history. Thus, Winky Designs was born!

Since our inception in 2012, Winky Designs has grown leaps and bounds by promising to create products that inspire self-expression through the design of joyful, functional fashion at affordable prices. After only 2 years of being in business, we already sell our watches and accessories in over 200 retail stores and an online store which has shipped to customers in over 25 different countries. It’s evident we love what we do. You can tell from the playful collection names and colorful designs that we simply cannot live without the small pleasures in life like dessert before dinner, fruity cocktails after dinner, and kind words. We realize it is these small joys in life that inspires us to tell our store through our products and brand. We don’t want to be another mass market brand (although they’re great!). As we head into 2014, we aim to tell our cheerful story to whoever will listen and to those who listen and love us, we are forever in your debt. It is for you whom we design for. *Bear hugs*

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