Regulate the Plate: Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Are you tired of trying to make your child eat healthy? Have you been pestering them to consume more healthy greens instead of other food? Well maybe you’re doing it wrong. Raising healthy kids is no joke. It requires patience, self discipline, and the right techniques to instill healthy eating habits in children. As parents you are in charge of what your child eats and how healthy their growth is. Follow these basic tips to encourage your child to eat right and maintain their health.

Make the Supply Lines Clean and Healthy

You as parents control what comes into the house and what foods are stocked in the fridge and the kitchen cabinets. Cut the junk and replace it with nutritious food instead. This way, when your kids go hungry, they will eat what is stocked at home; that is healthy food instead of mindless munchies.

No More “Clean Plate Club”

We know it’s not a good thing to be wasting food; but have you ever thought that, in an attempt to make your child clean his plate you might actually be making them eat more than their body requires? Excessive eating will only build up unwanted fats and “clean the plate” will only force your child to ignore what his body is telling him.

Let Them Choose Their Menu

Kids may love the idea of having pizza, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and burgers for a meal, but that doesn’t mean you always order that for them every time you go out. Let your kid decide what they want to eat, you might be surprised at their eagerness to experiment on new dishes and tastes – that are also healthy!

Limit the Screen Time

The more time your kids spend in front of either the TV or computer screen, they tend to munch and laze around. The habit is not healthy, considering the amount of fat that builds up in their bodies with couching and unnecessary munching. Limit the time your kids spend on watching TV or using the computer’ and give them more ‘active’ time.

Be a Role Model

Your kids tend to learn what they observe you doing. If you yourself do not eat healthy, you can very well forget the idea that you can teach your kids about eating right. Eat healthy, so that your kids know they have to eat healthy for a balanced lifestyle.

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