Reinvent Yourself…Your Past Doesn’t Have To Define You

Build It..Dream It..Do It..Believe It...Love and Sing It Anyway!

Reinvent Yourself…Your Past Doesn’t Have To Define You

    1. You Have To Be Willing To Talk About Yourself And Where You Came From.

This can be difficult, especially if you have experienced an unhappy, unstable childhood or upbringing as I did. My father was an alcoholic and so my adolescent years for the most part were unpleasant to say the least. I pretty much kept to myself, I was not popular at all and I had very few friends. I always struggled with wanting to be accepted. I dreaded High School, and almost dropped out my sophomore year due to peer pressure. All of the emotional and psychological stress from my parents’ divorce caused me to gain a lot of weight. Fast forward to 1994, I met someone and immediately got married. OOPs, Too Soon! Two years into the marriage and it was a disaster. My husband started his own business and worked all the time. He served at our community church as a musician three times a week, and he was an addictive runner who ran 13 miles every morning and 13 miles every night. If we were on vacation, we had to be at our designated location so he could get his run in. Everything was a priority and guess who came in last (me). For ten years, I carried resentment towards Business, GOD, Church, Music, Running, and my Husband. The resentment was literally tearing me apart and I finally had to let go…and let GOD. I allowed him to work in me. I was now able to face the things I once resented with a new perspective. I took up running and the weight came off. I could listen to music and actually enjoy it again. I started my own business. Most importantly, I forgave my husband! Never be ashamed or embarrassed to share your story. Someone may need to hear it!

    1. You Have To Get Comfortable With Talking To People You Don’t Know.

UGH! This is extremely difficult for me and I am not a social butterfly by any means! I have a fear of public speaking and somewhat experience anxiety issues whenever I have to go in and speak in front of large groups of people, or talk to C.E.Os. , Owners and Buyers of corporations, which are people I don’t know. I always fear rejection, I’m afraid they will judge me, it’s uncomfortable and It’s hard to ask a complete stranger for advice or input because it shows you failed or you need help! We don’t want to admit that. I have significantly improved in this area because I know my Biz well! I am familiar with the Specialty Food Industry and I understand food trends.  I have perfected the fine art of flavor layering and I specialize in Recipe Development. Possess a confidence, even if you’re NOT! Sometimes we just want someone to listen, and tell us we’re on the right track. I will ask people not to judge me, and ask for the opportunity, to get to know me! People who don’t know me are somewhat surprised and often comment later that “I’m So Real” Ummmm, Cause I am J Don’t be afraid and just put it out there!

    1. You Need To Define Success, Find Your Purpose, Reinvent Who You Are And Then Possess A Passion For What You Do.

The most important thing to ask yourself here is what does being successful mean for you? Success, for me meant I needed to establish my own identity and become confident and comfortable with who I am. I started a new life in 2007, (internally, outside still looks the same). I started reading food labels and became very health conscious about what I was eating and eliminating processed foods from my diet. I’m and avid runner which allows me to maintain my weight, stay healthy and possess more energy! I started my business because I wanted to offer other people a healthy alternative (products) in the Specialty Food Business which in my opinion, basically is non-existent in the industry. (My niche in the market). “The Goal Isn’t More Money; The Goal Is Living Life On My Own Terms.” – Chris Brogan.

I have a passion for what I do, and I absolutely love my job! My needs are simple. I don’t drive a fancy car, I’m so NOT a” glamour girl”, and I am not out partying all night long. Did someone say, boring? I am stable and I am whole and I am at peace for the first time in my life. I am most comfortable in my sweats and usually up late writing articles to submit or developing recipes for my Food Blog, emailing my clients and corresponding with my customers and followers. I answer every email personally. In exchange for this, I have had to sacrifice a lot personally, socially and relationally in order to live the life of an entrepreneur….I am content with that. I have lost some friends along the way over this new life, which btw has really put a dent in my heart. I will cherish the memories that I have had with them, and hope that this is all for the better.

The next big challenge for me is taking my business to the next level. Building a team and surrounding yourself with the right people has been difficult. It has been a little overwhelming, and there have been many setbacks along the way. I am learning how to be patient and btw, not really liking the lesson here but again, it’s just another opportunity for me to reinvent myself. Just remember if you fail, Do It Again, It’s Never Too Late To Start Over!

Life is full of opportunities and sometimes a bit crazy—Come laugh, smile and sometimes cry with me!

I’d love to hear your personal stories, triumphs and accomplishments so please share!

“Refuse To Let Your Past, Setbacks and Incidents Define You Instead, Use Them As An Opportunity To Reinvent Yourself.” ~Diana Lynn Tap

Just A Side Note J The first song I heard when I could finally listen to music again just happened to be Martina McBride –Anyway…Hmmm?

Build It..Dream It…Do It…Believe It…Love and Sing It A-N-Y-W-A-Y!

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