Removing the Fear of Starting a Business

You know that saying about how change happens when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of making a change? 

This is sort of what starting a business is about.

You think about it. You go over your ideas again and again in your mind, you do a little online research, maybe you start writing a business plan. You’re pretty pumped about it but you start making excuses: 

I don’t have time right now. 

I don’t have money right now.

I need to finish another project first.

My spouse is too busy; I have to support him/her for a little longer.

My kids need my attention right now.

Then you realize months or years have gone by and your business idea is still just that: an idea.

When we are afraid to do something, we make excuses not to do it. That’s normal and you don’t need to feel bad about it. But a great way to start removing that fear so you can move forward is to look at the success stories of people who have overcome the same barriers you are setting in front of yourself; once you see that others have done it, it becomes much easier to believe that you can do it, too.

If you’re a mother, start following other mothers who have started their own businesses. Look at people who did it in spite of their spouses working 14 hour days. Look at businesses that you can start for under $100. Research businesses that were launched in just an hour a day.

People have done it before you, and you can do it too.

Jessica Oman is the owner of Write Ahead Consulting, a business writing firm that works with start-ups on their business plans and copy writing needs.


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