Reputation Management: You Can’t Afford a Slow Response to Negative Content

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Why is monitoring your reputation such an important part of online reputation management? Why do you need to know someone has said something negative almost the moment that it happens?

Because thirty seconds after that piece of content has gone up, 100 people have probably seen it. In thirty more seconds, several of them have shared the content with someone else. A truly controversial or negative piece of information tends to spread across the Internet like wildfire.

In three or four days so many people have seen that negative content that you might have an uphill battle ahead of you if you want to salvage your reputation later. After all, you can have a piece of content buried or you can have it removed—but people still remember, which means there’s still going to be an impact on your bottom line.

Compare this scenario to the business who has invested in a 24/7 monitoring service, one that monitors not only Google, but various review sites and social channels as well.

The second business can spring into action when they see a problem, applying the most appropriate response to the situation. They’ll be able to handle this even better if they’ve already crafted a response plan which outlines how you will deal with different types of situations as they arise.

If you’re using the services of a professional reputation management company they’ll handle the monitoring and the response for you. But someone has to keep watch.

Some people don’t monitor their reputation because they’re in denial. They either believe that nothing will go wrong, or they are afraid to hear what’s being said about them. This is a grave mistake.

The chances that your business will never have to deal with a reputation problem are slim-to-none. 83% of all businesses are going to face some sort of reputation issue in the next 5 years. Going 5 years without a reputation problem is lucky. Going 10 years without one is akin to winning the lottery.

So the question is not whether or not you are going to face a crisis. The only question is whether or not that crisis is going to be handled well enough to keep you in business. You can’t handle what you don’t know about, so set up some sort of monitoring strategy or tap into a good monitoring service today.

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