It Speaks for Itself – The Great Myth

???????????????????????????????????????Res ipsa loquitur, they say. The thing speaks for itself.

The nasty truth though, is that nothing speaks for itself. You have to speak for it.

Financial services products, which often are neither immediately understandable nor tangible nor particularly cool, definitely don’t speak for themselves. If you don’t speak for your product, and communicate it, it really doesn’t exist. It certainly can’t be sold.

Without approaching a philosophical conversation about linguistics and existentialism that involves the likes of Edmund Burke, it is safe to say that, in business, whether it’s fair or not, effective communication is paramount in the quest to make a product known and to sell it. It is paramount in the business of growing, developing and valuing a firm. Without communicating a product, the product can’t be sold, and money can’t be made. And that goes for you, too, if you’re the product.

People are communicating products left, right and centre, but they aren’t always doing it in the most effective ways. Market leading products are not always the best ones, but the ones that are best known and best understood. Famously, tech geeks tell us Linux is superior to Microsoft, but it was the latter that took over the world and the former that has languished in the category of not quite general vocabulary.

It’s easy to beat the sales guys with a stick to try to boost numbers, but perhaps the more pertinent question is, have they been equipped with the right material with which to do their jobs? Are your products being communicated effectively in the presentations, brochures and other marketing material you’re producing? Who does that, in your organisation, and do you trust them with the mammoth task of making your product known?


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