Rescue My Business! Marketing to Your Niche When You’re Broke – Part 1

You need more clients. You’ve chosen a great niche, and know you can make money from it. But you have few marketing dollars.

Whatever the reason for your reduced cash-flow, the only answer is to make more money. 

It’s never good to be broke, especially when you’re self-employed. But the good news is even broke solopreneurs can create a marketing strategy. You just have to leverage free & low cost resources and work like hell to capture your niche’s attention.

DIY or Outsource?

Every micro business owner has the ability to learn marketing. You CAN do each of these steps. But if you’re not comfortable with DIY, you can outsource it on Fiverr. Fiverr is where you can get outsource small jobs/gigs for $5. Please note, that I’m not affiliated with Fiverr or any of the freelancers. But each one I’m recommending has high ratings.

So here’s the first four steps towards rescuing your business without breaking the bank.

Step One: Understanding Your Niche’s Problems

Potential clients look for your product and/or service because they have an existing problem. Potential clients will pay for the solution. So think about what types of solutions you provide.

    • I can help you…


    • I can solve your issue because…


    • My specialty is…


Think of the emotions your clients may have (stress, fear, happiness) or the issues they may have (cost, quality, dependability, etc.). Be the logical solution.

Oursource: I will find a new niche for your business and tell you how to get to those clients for $5

Step Two: Create Your Message

You’re the expert in your niche. So gather quick examples of how you have solved your clients problems in the past. You can use case studies to show how you are the expert and the only solution for their problem.

Create a great sales message. Use this list of words that sell. If you want a step-by-step tutorial, try 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template by David Frey. 

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Step Three: Create Your Ad

You want your message to look like it was designed by a professional. Anyone can take advantage of desktop publishing. You just don’t want your ad to look like you designed it on your desktop.

Try this 5 Step Formula Based on Work of David Ogilvy to create an awesome niche ad.

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Step Four: Avoid These Mistakes

Your potential clients are bombarded by marketing messages all day long. You HAVE to be memorable! So avoid these mistakes at all costs!

You’ll fail to hit a nerve if you:

    • Don’t focus on a small problem


    • Does not connect on a strong emotional level


    • Niche does not care enough to consider your product or service


    • Did not capture their attention


Don’t create a forgettable message:

    • Don’t talk about services, talk about solutions


    • Don’t give too much info – it’s overwhelming


    • Does not say enough


Think about a recent advertisement that you’ve seen. Did you read it or just skim the highlights? And remember, you’re trying to get them to call you. Not educate them on your entire business.

Don’t Move Forward Until You Do Part 1!

Before you jump into Part 2, take the time to do the steps in Part 1. If you don’t have the right message, your niche will not pay attention to you. Take your time to get the message right the first time. Put yourself in your niche’s shoes. Be the solution to their problem.

Part 2 gives you a list of free options you can use to get your message in front of your niche.

Liesha Petrovich is passionate about micro business education. Doesn’t sound sexy does it? But teaching micro business owners how to create success and freedom is. Learn more at Micro Business Essentials and follow her on Twitter

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