Research Says: When Girls Succeed, So Does Society

Study: To Get Her There: When Girls Succeed, So Does Society (Girl Scouts)

Finding: The potential of young women and what they can contribute to the world is not being recognized and nurtured in their formative years.

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InPower Insight: If society pays more attention to the lack of opportunities for young girls, more young girls will have the opportunity to succeed.


Women’s status in society has grown, and will continue to grow; that’s the good news. Are our young women and young girls growing in parallel? Are the opportunities and potential of the future generation being recognized and nurtured?

This study by The Girl Scouts of America found that the statistics about girls today can be predictive of their future success.  The most notable findings regarding young girls were the following: only one in five girls believes she qualifies as a good leader and 61% of young girls are ambivalent about leadership. The research further shows that those who do have leadership qualities, lack the necessary confidence to successfully become leaders.

This research points to a breakdown in the area of mentors and role models, as well as unsupportive environments, as prime factors in the in the process of a young girls’ discouragement. This study suggest that proper mentoring and a healthy image of how women are represented in the world will help to give young girls see their potential.  As the study stated: “Girls can’t be what they can’t see, and they need to see female mathematicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, superintendents, mayors, and CEOs before they’ll know that they can be there, too.”

Career Coaching Tip: This disturbing finding puts a new focus on mentoring – not just of professional women but by professional women. It also tells us that this acculturation that we fight against to define ourselves as powerful and capable starts early. We can go easy on ourselves as we claim our power, knowing that social images of women as powerful still aren’t here to guide us. However, this should not stop us from claiming our power. Role models or not, our power is our power. No one can claim it but us.

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