Responsibility and Consequence

Whatever happened to the days of Responsibility.  Parental responsibility, responsibility for self, corporate responsibility….do these things even exist anymore?  Obviously parental responsibility is a waning effort as shown by reality shows, recorded fights in school yards, and ever increasing child laws being placed into action.  The biggest lack of parental responsibility I see currently is the invention of “Cyberbullying”.  Yes I put that word in quotation marks, because it is my opinion that it does not exist.  For the life of me, I cannot understand the credibility given to people that take so much time and energy to blame issues caused by their lack of parenting on the internet. Real, face to face bullying I can get on board with all day everyday, but not on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.  Can we call it bullying, when you can simply turn the computer off and walk away?  Why does America allow this?  Why do we allow a scapegoat for something so easily fixed?  Why are parents allowing their children to be online anytime doing anything they want?  Why do 12 year olds have Facebook?  Why are children using Twitter?  Do I believe that social interaction for children is important…of course.  Do I believe that children can only  do this online, no.

I think there is a laughable contradiction for people that are so against abortion, but see nothing wrong with letting CHILDREN run free and do whatever they want, with no supervision.  Someone tried to explain to me how “real” this issue supposedly is by linking me to a story about a girl who was bullied in real life, as a result of the exchanges online….  I laughed out loud at this article about 1 minute in.  The article states that the “victim” went onto Myspace to talk badly about girls in her school, and in response to this, the girls confronted her face to face and fought her..  I am firm believer in common sense, so here’s is what I interpreted from that article…. A girl went online and attempted to “Cyberbully” other people, and those people then brought reality to her front and center.  I still don’t see how this was proving their point, seeing as the young woman essentially got what she was asking for. Parents are allowing children to use the internet as a place to hopefully hide and present themselves in a manner not true to fashion.  If something is going on in your child’s life…their first response should not be to run to a social networking site, however were we able to manage years before these things?  If you don’t want people causing issues with you online, then get offline and stop putting your whole life there, it is literally that simple.  Nobody ever died because they didn’t log onto a social networking site.

If your child ends up in online drama…why are you blaming the internet?  Children are using social networking sites to videotape their suicide notes caused by social networking sites…do you see the cycle?!  I can only feel sorry for the 15 year old that was stalked and harassed online, because she wasn’t given the necessary protection from her parents.  I cannot feel sorry for her for showing her breasts to a random stranger, sleeping with another 15 year old, or putting her whole life online.  Using the internet to live out your life has consequences and because they are children, we do not expect them to realize this, and therefore it is our duty as parents, as adults, to protect them and educate them.  Blaming your child’s online bullying on the internet makes as much sense as blaming McDonald’s for making the coffee you spilled on yourself, too hot.  Put blame where blame goes, accept responsibility for your actions or lack thereof.  If you really cared about these children, then you would step up and not wait to address these issues when it becomes a glaring problem….or too late.


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