Returning To Work Tips after Having a Baby

For most women, having a career goes hand in hand with being a mother. You may have taken maternity leave to have the baby and now you would like to go back to work. It may be difficult to leave your baby for a whole day or part of the day under someone else’s care. Despite that, you need to go back to work. Here are some tips you can use to help you when returning back to work.

Look for reliable childcare

When you return to work you will need someone to look after the baby. You can either look for a nanny, a relative or a childcare centre. You should do this a few weeks before you return to work so that you avoid the last minute rush.

Remember to have a backup plan for childcare in case one of them fails. For instance, if you have a nanny who falls ill, who can look after the baby? The baby can start using the childcare one or two weeks before you return to work so that both of you can get used to the change. You need to deal with the emotions of leaving your baby behind as you go to work and your baby needs to get used to your absence.

Try on your work clothes100

You should do this before you return to work so that you can get the work mood. This will also help you to know if the clothes can still fit you, or you need to buy others.

Seek assistance for house work

It can be overwhelming to do the housework, go back to work and also mind the baby at the same time. Include your partner in sharing the duties so that you can also get time to rest. Let the partner understand why you need assistance, especially if you have been doing the house work alone and the areas where they need to assist.

Try and adjust to going back to work

It may be challenging to adapt being at work after the maternity leave. Be positive and think of all the benefits that you get by working. Know what you can do comfortably at work and what you should let go. For instance, you can let go of the promotion you have been aiming for if it will mean more stress for you.

Going back to work can be easier with the right attitude and preparation. By using the above tips, you can find yourself enjoying working as well as raising your baby.

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