Role Modeling Your Way to Success – Here’s how!

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What if you started your entrepreneurial journey knowing that you could impact hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other women on this same path, would you do some things differently right now?

Would you show up in the world each morning focused, inspired and productive? Would you consistently, almost religiously, align your purpose with your work and your work with your purpose? Would you stop wasting countless hours on Facebook and instead work diligently on what makes the biggest impact? Would you shine a bit brighter, speak up more frequently, and even shout with excitement about your business?

If you knew others were watching, might you step up faster and more fiercely as a business woman?

If you could start on Day 1 of your business knowing that you will be an example, a role model, of success both personally and professionally for others, might you change a few things?

Role models have become rather passé in recent years. The word is tossed around to explain everything from ill-behaved but talented athletes to reality show divas. In an age of innovation and creativity many people shy away from looking at others to emulate, fearing it may appear like they’re being inauthentic.

What if I say that starting off believing you are a role model could be a savvy business strategy, might that change how you view it?

As women entrepreneurs we have few female examples of role models that come to the forefront of our minds. Actually there are role models everywhere if we would only look. There are over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. alone and Oprah cannot be the lone role model for everyone. It is truly our time to step up to be role models for the millions more women who will join us on this thrilling path.

Starting the journey with this in mind, here are some suggestions that will not only impact you personally and financially, but will impact the lives of others as well.

:: Work through the mental and emotional obstacles that keep you small – the fears, self-doubts, and sabotaging behaviors. You are potentially wasting years of your life because these niggling thoughts are holding you back. Regularly scrub the decks of those salty, grimy thoughts.

:: Stand up and be seen – either in your community or on CNBC. Visibility isn’t optional. Not only do you need to share your business (that’s just good PR) but you need to share how you’ve created success so that others know it’s possible.

:: Create a community. Not only will this expedite your learning and growth but the power of community will naturally create a place of sharing, collaboration and powerful connections.

:: Build a team. It is vitality important to seek out quality mentors, advisors, coaches and others who can help you on this journey. Ask for help sooner rather than later. Also surround yourself with quality people from your assistant to your accountant. Everyone you hire, contract or consult should be people who have the same level of integrity that you exhibit. Create the foundation for success and support early.

If all this scares you, it should.

This requires stepping outside of what may come easy or what is comfortable, but ultimately it will be positive for your well-being, profitable for your business and will contribute to the world in the best way possible.

We are all in this together – why not show it!

Jenn Aubert is a business mindset coach for women entrepreneurs and a writer. She is currently writing her first book on the success traits of women entrepreneurs and redefining the concept of role models.

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