Roll With The Punches

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{photo Spencer Finnley}

Sometimes in life you have just got to get a little punchy about things. The following are my top 5 items I just roll with.

1.  Most of the important stuff in life takes work so you might as well just smile and enjoy it. No one said life would be 100% easy, so why try to achieve the impossible? Enjoy the work it takes you to accomplish your goals. 

2.   When someone disappoints, angers, or doesn’t understand you, remember that we are all doing the best we can. We are here to learn from each other, not tear each other down.

3.  Don’t be a mind reader! If you think someone is upset with you, don’t avoid them or don’t make up a story in your mind leaving yourself the victim. When in doubt of their feelings… just communicate.

4.  Don’t try to be a people pleaser and do everything. It will only lead to you down a road of feeling overwhelmed. A firm “can’t do it this time but maybe next time” is far better than a resentful “yes”.

5.  Always invest in a good night’s rest. When life is chaotic, don’t sacrifice your much needed rest.  A tired body/mind/soul is an unproductive hour/day/week. Take the 2 hours and sleep! You most likely will get more done with sleep than without.

Add a kick to your life!


Planting Peace,



  1. You still are one of my favorite posters. One day I will find peace and be able to do your podcast. Hope all is going well with your new family and you are enjoying parenthood. Wishing you much love and happiness xoxo meridith

  2. This is great, Shelley! Simple, to the point, and solid good advice. Just tweeted it out to the world! – J