Rough Week? 5 Mini-Break Ideas to Help You Recharge


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5 Great Mini-Break Ideas

To be honest the last week or so has been a bit rough. So how to push through when you can’t turn everything off and take a full blown vacation? Mini-Break. Here are five to try:

1. Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and read Project Eve’s Caffeine Break for career reinvention ideas and inspiring Startup Stories.

2. Take a walk around the block. Or at the very least find something pretty to look at. — As I was typing this I just got an emergency broadcast system alert about a flash flood warning; outside isn’t always good idea. So turn your back on your computer and look at the prism of raindrops (or streetlights)  on the window.

3. Plan that full blown vacation so you have something to look forward to. –OK, maybe just some vacation brainstorming…actually finding plane tickets is something that usually requires a Mini-Break or more to recover from.

4. Drink something fizzy. My brother-in-law makes a syrup from the rhubarb that grows in his yard, pours it over ice then adds sparkling water. Its gorgeous and yummy. But he lives hundreds of miles away. I make due with fizzy water and if I’m lucky a wedge of lemon or lime.

5. Fizzy all by its lonesome ain’t cutting it? Make a spritzer! Lillet Rose & something sparkling over ice does a great job taking the edge off. Seriously, its awesome. White wine spritzers got a bad rap in the 80’s they can be a close second on a hot summer evening. –Whichever you try, probably best to limit this to one, two max or your mini-break might turn into a maxi-break and something you need to recover from!

So what else do you do to reset? Find some more ideas and join the Feel Good movement on Arrowhead’s Facebook page.

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