Rule #5: Relationship Texting Etiquette

texting etiquette
“Whenever I delete a text message from you I feel like I’m deleting a part of me” Anonymous

Text messages are the love letters of the 21st Century. The sweetest moments are wishes of ‘goodnight’ or ‘sweet dreams’. There is nothing like getting a text message of those three little words ‘I love you’. Words that break or melt your heart are sent and received within seconds. Messages of love, friendship, sadness, and desire are sent over the phone that is carried with us wherever a Sophisticate decides to go. Text messaging holds less space than a letter and has the same purpose of a phone. Letter writing, text messaging, and calling on the phone all have the same purpose in any relationship to connect two people. (Connection vs. Chemistry).

For a Sophisticate, what are the etiquette rules for text messaging to strengthen a relationship? Based on past mistakes and ere are a few that I’ve found that work.

Calling versus Texting:
1. Don’t leave a voicemail
With Caller ID the other person knows you called
If it’s important and you can’t wait, send a short text message
2. Call when you could type a paragraph or more on text
If you do call, keep it to a half an hour to 45 minutes (the most)
Anything more than 45 minutes, make plans to see them
3. Keep text messages short but not too short
No more than two short sentences
Provide more than one word text messages to show you care
For women, keep responses shorter or equal in length
E-mailing versus Text:
4. More than two pictures, send an e-mail
5. When you both are busy and you want to tell a story or explain

E-mailing is cheaper than calling
E-mail allows the person to read it when they have time
Limit use of sending e-mails and keep it short

Show you care:
6. Ask questions
7. Always respond- It is embarrassing to ask a question with no response

In the end, sometimes it is okay to text someone without a response. The key is trust that another person got the message that a Sophisticate does care about them and that less is more. ;D

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