RV Travel Tips For Beginners

A Beginners Guide to RV Family Vacations


RV travel is great for families. With all the hectic schedules everyone tries to keep these days, it makes sense to slow down a bit and catch your breath. Not only will you get to unplug and reconnect with your family, but RV vacations also give you the flexibility and freedom to come and go as you please.


Now that you and your family have decided to take the best RV trip ever, here are a few tips to get you on the road. For starters, you are going to need an RV, a few supplies, a map, and a positive attitude.


RV Travel Tips – To Rent or Buy an RV?


If this is your first time to go on an RV trip, you may want to rent, so you can test out the waters without plunging much money into it at first. This form of travel may not appeal to everyone, so why not give it a ‘test drive’ to see if you like it.


You can rent an RV from around $30.00/day up to $300.00/ day depending on the style and amenities. Renting is the best way to test out different types of RV’s, so you can find the one that suits your lifestyle and fits your needs. There are over 500 RV rental outlets across the country. Check your yellow pages for “Recreational Vehicles” or search the website of the National RV Dealers Association at www.rvda.org


Also, remember that you are going to have to park the RV somewhere when you are not using it. Just something to consider before purchasing one. An RV can range anywhere in price from $300 to nearly one million dollars.


RV Travel Tips – Where to park the RV?


Before you head out on your RV family vacation, you want to do some research on the different types of camping options available. There are an estimated 14, 600 privately owned and public RV Parks or Campgrounds across the country, so finding one is not that difficult. To help in your search, you can visit www.gocampingamerica.com or www.trailerlifedirectory.com.


Most RV Parks are open to the public, and they will rent you space daily or weekly. You can expect to spend around $15 – $50/night. The facilities can range from rustic, meaning there will be only limited or no utility hook-ups. There are also luxury parks that may be mistaken for a 5-star resort, as the amenities are aplenty and first rate.


To help in your search for RV Campgrounds and Parks, you can purchase the Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory for around $10.00, and it is well worth it. You will learn what each campground offers, policies, costs, and gives you ratings that I always find helpful. To learn more about RV Vacations, you can visitwww.rvbookstore.com to find DVD’s and books that are great for beginning RV campers!


RV Travel Tip – Have a Plan!


Set a budget before you hit the open road. Be sure to include costs for food, dining out, fun activities, overnight stays, and gas. Of course, budgets are more like guidelines when it comes to vacations, but it will help keep you on budget if you have some idea before you leave.


Make a checklist for food and beverages you will need for the trip. Are you planning on preparing most of the meals yourself or will you eat out nightly? Snacks are a necessity, and be sure to pack plenty of water.


Plan your route along with alternate routes (just in case). You can use an old-fashioned map for this or plug the destinations into your GPS. You can search for National and State Parks. Be sure to fill in those must-see stops along the way, and the campgrounds that you have decided to stay at for your overnight stays.


Make a checklist for camping equipment, clothing, activities, and first aid kit supplies. It is easy to forget something with the excitement of packing for a vacation, so having checklists will ensure that you take everything you want and need. Visit RV Lifestyle Experts for practical first-time tips for families.


Once you have made the decision to take your family on an RV vacation, be prepared to make some lasting family memories. Have fun and drive safe!


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