A Case for Generosity as Marketing

What if we incorporated generosity (of time, spirit, value) as a metric in marketing?

What if I was a customer that your business had let down, but when I called to cancel, I encountered someone truly committed to making me feel heard instead of reading from a script? So even if our relationship wasn’t salvageable, I’d walk away feeling respect towards you as a business that values me?

What if companies developed ‘listening processes’ and implemented them throughout the product adoption cycle to earnestly generate customer success stories by helping empower them into becoming brand ambassadors?

What if every customer service representative had to go out of his way at least once a day and make a customer happy beyond what they would expect by calling your 1-800 number?

What if your CEO personally reached out to 10 at-risk customers every month and connected with them to figure out what could be done better? What if she documented that interaction on your social media to show accountability and assure that you are listening?

What if yours is a site where I go for information about my industry, issues, trends even if I am not a customer? I may just start to respect your story and how you treat people even though I may not even be your target market. And I would surely mention your product to anyone who’s even remotely connected to what you do.

Too many new businesses are infatuated with just customer acquisition. Too many end up treating them as ‘transactions’ rather than ‘relationships’.

So what’s the business case for this kind of generosity?

It really depends on you deciding what kind of business you’re looking to build.

Are you in the business of collecting ‘likes’ or receiving ‘recommendations’? Because I can assure you that the half-life of recommendations is a lot longer than that of ‘likes’.

Do you want to limit your marketing department to the 3.5 people on your payroll or take the time to galvanize the 425 people who signed on with you when no one else had?

Make generosity a core part of how you do business – and watch the groundswell support your cause.

Bonus Material:

Read more here about generosity in business from some amazing thought-leaders like Tim O’Reilly, Seth Godin, and Tony Hsieh.

Learn through practical examples of The Generosity Strategies that Help Companies Grow

I’d love to hear if you agree that there is a business case for generosity as marketing?


Saadia writes about marketing in the age of social, hot stuff in startups, and girls in tech. Find her blog at saadiam.com!


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