Save Time and Your Sanity with All-in-One Tools

We’ve all heard time is money.

Yet, when you’re a working women time is a commodity that we can’t overlook. We’ve all been bombarded with must-have planners and spectacular time management systems. And you can still feel like you’re losing your mind when you’re balancing a family, career and your health.

In 5 Habits that Are Holding Your Business Back, I shared the following about simple changes we can make to move our businesses forward:

“Instead of making resolutions to work harder, focus on eliminating the habits that are truly holding your business back. Again, it’s not about feeling guilty about past behaviors but understanding what you can do differently this year.”

I’m extremely guilty of sticking with tools that are comfortable. I stopped looking for alternatives. I just use what I know and keep adding new tools. I realized I had a problem when my phone ran out of memory to add any new apps.

It was definitely time to take a second look at the daily tools I use to manage my business, starting with finding the all-in-one tools to help me streamline my time.

Here’re a few to help you get started on your new minimalist all-in-one toolkit.

GetResponse’s Online Marketing Platform

Marketing can take up a huge chunk of your budget and dominate the majority of your time. It’s something that you need to monitor every day, as ROI is everything in marketing.

To help you streamline your entire marketing effort, GetResponse has four major parts: email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, and webinars. Instead of jumping from one tool to another (not to mention paying for all these tools separately), GetResponse allows you to build the right marketing campaign for your business all under one roof.

Cyfe’s Business Dashboard

There’re a ton of moving parts in any business, regardless of size. And what’s important to me, may not be important to you.

That’s where Cyfe comes in. It’s a business dashboard where you can monitor what’s most important for your business, including PayPal, Moz, Basecamp, Mailchimp and Shopify. Not only is it a customizable dashboard, but you can create multiple dashboards for different areas like finance, sales, and marketing. Think of Cyfe as the way to monitor all the tools you use every day.

Buffer’s Pinterest Integration

Social media is the easiest way for you to talk directly to your target market. But engaging with customers takes time. And engagement is the only thing that matters in the social media game.

Yet, many of the most popular social media platforms are not integrated into social media management tools. That’s why Buffer’s Pinterest integration is so important. Although the number of men using Pinterest is rising, an estimated 71% of Pinterest users are women. That means your social media focus should include Pinterest if your main target market includes women. Your time is limited, so choose the social media tools that work with the platforms your customers use.

Create a Minimalist Business Toolbox

Running a business can be overwhelming. There is so much to do every single day!

That’s why choosing all-in-one tools is so important. I don’t know exactly what your business needs, but I know you need to have time to run both your business and your life. Working 18 hour days doesn’t work for most women. Most of us can only sustain that level of insanity before we crash and burn.

And that’s when our lives and businesses suffer.

Think about creating a minimalist mindset when it comes to managing your business. We all have a business toolbox that we use every day. So make sure yours isn’t overflowing with tools you don’t need. Choose tools that save time, money and effort so you can focus on what matters most.

Like running a successful business.


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