Say No to Hold Music, and Say Yes to Real Customer Service

As I sat in a quaint hotel overlooking the streets of Paris, I realized I broke the one cardinal rule of international travel: forgetting to call my banks and credit card companies to alert them of my upcoming trip. Oops. No euros for me until I make a call to my bank. Like any other traveler, using my cell phone to make international calls is pricey and time consuming. Press one for US calls, a dollar gone, press two if you’re calling concerning your check card, another dollar down the drain. You get the gist. Realizing I had a long and costly call (with potentially endless minutes on hold) ahead of me before I would be able to enjoy vacation didn’t make for a good start.

Every minute I spend on the phone while traveling is a dollar out of my pocket and less money for me to spend in the great stores along Avenue des Champs-Elysees. I had to make my call to my banking company quick and painless.

It started easy enough. Press one for international calls. Okay. Done. But, then came the dreaded menu of options. After listening to it twice, none of the options fit my case. Press 0. Done. On hold, again! The classical music playing in the background didn’t distract from the tightness my wallet was feeling at that moment. As I looked down at the time spent on my phone, I had already spent $5, and I hadn’t even talked to an actual person yet. My frustration continued for almost 15 minutes! Finally, I was able to reach someone and straighten everything out. Of course, the customer service representative apologized for my wait, but that didn’t make up for the money I wasted trying to access my account. Even when I’m home all those minutes on hold add up. I could be working, doing errands, living my life! That’s why I’m a huge supporter of the #HoldNoMore movement.

What is the #HoldNoMore Movement?

It’s finally starting to come to the attention of major companies that consumers don’t like being on hold. Both you and I know how much time we waste every day trying to make calls. Whether to a pharmacy for a prescription refill or to book travel to some of our favorite places, being able to talk to an actual representative on the first call is never an option. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on call centers that customers complain about. Hold No More knows there has to be a better way. That’s why they are demanding big businesses stop spending money on terrible and time-consuming call centers and instead spend it on alternative ways for us to get better service. With over 50% of Americans spending 10-20 minutes on hold each week with companies, that adds up to hours and hours of time every year we spend just sitting with a phone to our ear! Now, it’s time to fight back.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Hold!

Your time is money. In fact, like me spending money on international calls, American consumers waste $108 billion dollars every year on bad customer service calls. 86% consumers report being put on hold every time they call a business. Even after getting off hold consumers aren’t happy: 48% believe the customer service representatives who answer the phone calls are not helpful! Don’t be a statistic. Show your support of the #holdnomore movement and join the fight today. Don’t listen to yet another recording say: “We’re sorry, but we’re experiencing unusually heavy call volumes. You can hold or try back at another time .” Ugh! Say no to the 1-800 number, and say yes to easier and more efficient ways to get your problems solved. Hold No More knows that messaging and apps are taking over the mobile world. Let companies know there are better ways to get help.

Hold No More is kicking off the “Hold Face” march to demand companies put an end to their antiquated customer service systems and stop putting us on hold! To join the campaign, simply upload a selfie of you on hold with the hashtag #holdnomore to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make sure you think of a witty and creative message to get companies talking about your selfie and your fight against the hold music! There has been a ton of buzz out there on this movement in the last couple weeks. Add your voice so we can make a change!

Vote for the next company to face the music, so we can demand that they wake up and change their terrible state of customer service!

Get more of a taste for the growing momentum around Hold No More on their site Read more then join us and Hold No More!

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