Screw the resolutions

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”—Spanish Proverb

Much has been written about time and procrastination. We often don’t realize how precious time is until faced with a crisis, usually related to our health or mortality. 

We spend obscene amounts of time watching mindless reality shows and TV. We dwell on our past mistakes and worry about future problems. We read books and attend presentations on time management and productivity. We fool ourselves.

And here we are with a new day and a New Year. New Year’s Eve is when everyone is keenly aware of the time. Social channels are filled with posts and stories assessing the past 12 months, and predicting trends for the next 12 months.

We stay up until midnight, count down the seconds, and watch festivities on TV. We kiss our loved ones.

That one second seems so important, and then it’s gone. In that split second of the clock striking 12, the calendar page turns and…here we are.

What’s really changed?

Most of us go back to the same patterns and habits that frustrated us last year. We fail to take on new challenges and opportunities to learn, grow, and change. We’re stuck in a comfort zone of mediocrity. Our fears and paralyzing beliefs have joined us in the New Year. Damn.  

We don’t need a clock or resolution to become better people and discover our gifts and talents. We simply need to decide that it’s time.  We can decide in February, July, or September. Don’t procrastinate on living your life with purpose and soul. 

The Bottom Line: The most important second is not on New Year’s Eve. It’s right now. 

Happy New Year!



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