The Secret Of Lyme’s Disease Detection And Prevention

tickSummer is finally upon us! And unfortunately with that comes the looming threat of the dreaded tick season. With a recent rise in Lyme disease associated with affected deer ticks in the United States. It is vitally important to understand what exactly Lyme disease is, the effect that it has on your body and how the often painful physical symptoms can be treated with proper care.

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is spread via deer ticks who can carry a certain bacteria in their stomachs called, “spirochete” or by its lab name of Borrelia Burgdoferi, which causes the Lyme disease, upon a tick bite. The illness then affects your body entirely. Everything from your skin, joints, nervous system and heart. Many patients have even experienced partial facial paralysis. Lymes is typically treated with the use of antibiotics, although many are currently turning to alternative medication such as oils or homeopathic remedies for treatment and cures.

If you have found a deer tick on you, it is important to remove it safely, ensuring you have removed the full tick with head intact, and then cleaning with wound either with an antiseptic such as rubbing alcohol or a natural alternative such as tea tree oil. You need to begin watching carefully for symptoms to occur, they could take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, so be sure to monitor carefully.

Most researchers claim to watch for a ring around the bite that looks like a rash and slowly grows over time. Most people who develop Lymes experience flu-like symptoms such as body aches, fever, chills, and extreme fatigue. Upon diagnosis, you may begin to experience tremendous pain in your body. Your joints may start to ache, you will have migraine-like headaches, it will be difficult to lay in bed, or even get out of bed. Be sure you are getting adequate amounts of water as well during this time as water will lubricate your joints and make the pain a little easier to bear. Your health care physician will most likely prescribe an antibiotic for you to take to kill off the infection and prevent it from spreading.
It should be noted, that the best defense against tick-bourne diseases is a good offense. When you are out in the woods, be sure to always wear long sleeve shirts and pants, sprayed with a tick repellant at the cuffs, and to tie long hair back or wear a hat. And always do a thorough exam of yourself and your family upon arrival back at your home or camp. 

The road to recovery in terms of Lyme disease can be a long, difficult and often painful one. Try and attempt to keep your mind free of stress, as your body will follow suit. Be sure to take in ample amounts of water, get a lot of rest, and make sure that you stay current on your antibiotic or other prescribed medication. Following the direct orders of your health care physician can truly speed up your healing time and get you back to enjoying the summer with your family! By bringing health and well-being into your time of illness, you may find that your recovery will be much easier!


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