Secrets to Stress-Free Travel

Secrets to Stress-Free Travel | Getting Balance

Stress-Free Travel

Anytime you Stress-Free Travel you risk experiencing stress, but don’t let that ruin your mood. These effective insider secrets toStress-Free Travel will ensure that you make smarter choices and enjoy yourself more.

Pack Light

It may seem tough at first, but packing light is the way to go. Ideally stick to just your carry-ons, but if you can’t, make sure you’re paring down your list. Make every item of clothing do double duty if you can—it’s not the Oscars, don’t worry about wearing things more than once. And remember, if you’re struggling to get your bag shut on the way there, it’ll just get worse when you come back.

Make a Plan

Determine a basic itinerary in advance so you have all of your hotel addresses, flight numbers, and connections together in one place. Send a copy to your emergency contact back home. If you’ve used a Stress-Free Travel agent, make sure you know how to contact them in case of emergencies or last minute changes. Buy tickets to attractions and events in advance if you’re able; it’ll feel a lot less stressful when you’re on the go. And don’t forget to warn your bank in advance so you don’t find yourself stranded as your bank freezes your account based on unusual activity.

 Take Your Time

Don’t rush! Make sure you have plenty of time to get to the airport, train station, or wherever you’re going. And once you arrive, try to stay in each place for several nights so your entire vacation isn’t packing, unpacking, and sitting in transit. If you have extra time built into your schedule you won’t worry when bad weather, security delays, or other problems crop up. Experts agree that rushing around is antithetical to stress-free travel.

Do the Research

Find out anything you want or need to know about each destination while you’re still planning at home. Make sure your routes are all open, and make sure you’re aware of alternatives just in case. And read comments and reviews about the attractions you’re interested in and the places you’ll be staying; if the majority of visitors wouldn’t go back, why should you go there at all?

Let It Go:

Wouldn’t it be great if nothing on any of your vacations ever went wrong? Don’t bother thinking that way, because nothing is perfect and that’s okay! Ignore little problems and let your stress melt away; this is one of the most crucial secrets to stress-free travel.

TSA Precheck

Consider going through the process to join the TSA Precheck list. You’ll be investing some time and a little money to do it, but in return you’ll be bypassing long security lines for good. You’ll be leaving your things in your bag and walking through security with your shoes on—and feeling more relaxed.


Do yourself and your mental health a wonderful service by turning off that phone. You’re taking a trip, not leading a virtual social media tour of the destination. Every day you spend being present, traveling with your family and friends to avoid Stress-Free Travel is a day to remember.

Set Aside Time

Although it’s wonderful to be able to focus on your travel, if you do know that you’ll need to work some amount while you’re away, set aside enough time to accomplish what you need to without worrying. And if alone time is something you need or crave, make sure you get it!

The Bottom Line

Master the secrets to stress-free travel and you’ll have more fun on vacation. But you’ll also improve your health as you learn to take it easy in any setting. Give your family and yourself the gift of stress-free travel.

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