Seeing Your Dreams From A Different Perspective

It’s easier to see your dreams when you’re thousands of feet in the air, looking down at the scenery flying by, physically on the way to the greatest adventure of your life. It’s not so easy when you have no idea where to begin, how things will pan out, how you will afford to make it happen, etc.

Your dreams and goals can seem like they are a million miles away and you have no chance of ever reaching them. The impossible seems like your reality and to be truthful the contradiction of what you feel in your heart and what you see in front of you, fucks with your peace of mind. I think I had an “aha! moment, as Mastin Kipp and Oprah like to call them.

Our dreams aren’t just a one step and you’re there sort of thing, they are an ever evolving and multistep life lesson. I tended to think of these things in the sense of finality. And that may be due to being raised in a westernized country where we expect instant gratification and instant results. But obtaining something truly worth having is never “easy” and in my opinion nor “hard.” We have moments where things come to us, seemingly out of thin air, and we can hardly believe our luck. But we also have moments where we things never looked so bleak and hard work is a daily pursuit, and we once again, can hardly believe our luck, (HA!). As I sit in my friend’s apartment in the heart of Harlem, I really wonder “What’s next?” What does life has in store for me? New York is just a pit stop in route to Los Angeles. A step in the life lesson dream.

I used to get so wound up with not knowing how I was going to fulfill my purpose in life and live out my dreams. But putting your dream in perspective, the perspective that one step leads to another, and a misstep doesn’t lead to the end of your possible, has put me closer to where I know I’m going to be. Be bold. Step out on faith, and start to see that your dream isn’t a big one-hit or quitter, but a series of events that will shape your life’s experience. Dream big, follow through bigger.


Kescheler :)

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