3 Great Self-Owned Businesses for College Students

Let’s face it; college is expensive.  With rising tuition rates all over the country, the need for students to make money on the weekends to supplement the cost of textbooks, dorm rent, and food expenses is a top priority for many. If you are in college and have run into some money that you aren’t sure what to do with, you can invest the funds into your own business and make a significant dent in your tuition while increasing your ongoing earning potential. Here are three great ideas for self-owned businesses that college students can easily run on weekends.

student business ideas

1- Start Your Own Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck business requires a great degree of planning, but once you have all of your ducks in a row the rewards are endless. The first step is to research the various food truck builders who offer high-quality custom construction and find one who can see your vision and carry it from start to finish. Once you have a custom food truck outfitted to serve the type of cuisine on your menu and showcase your brand in a memorable manner, the job itself can be run according to your own schedule. Whether you have a light class load on Wednesdays and you park your truck by the pier on those days, or you make the rounds hitting all the hot spots on the weekends, owning your own food truck business is ideal for a college student because it is flexible and highly profitable.

2- Start a Digital MarketingService from Your Dorm Room

If you are a savvy writer, have a knack for marketing, and a good understanding of how Google works, you can take make some pretty good money running digital marketing services. By building simple WordPress sites and performing basic SEO services for small businesses, you can offer a scalable monthly service without over-promising the bigger things that marketing agencies perform. Some businesses don’t want to work with agencies due to budget restrictions and instead look for one-man operations who can perform just enough tasks to make their investment profitable. This is a great self-owned business for a college student to run because tasks can be performed when it is convenient around studying and taking exams. The business can also be run from anywhere there is an internet connection.

3- Start Your Own Fitness Business

If you love fitness and have a gift for teaching others, you could start your own business working as a personal trainer. Your clients could be other students, faculty members, or even people who live in the local community. You can book training sessions around your classes and study obligations, and even run boot camps on the weekends for various types of clients. The workout equipment generally required to run personal training businesses and boot camps is minimal; a few mats, some resistance cables, and other items that can be thrown into the back of a truck and taken anywhere. This is one of the most popular self-owned businesses run by college students throughout the world. It is also a great job to have for making new friends!

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