shake·down: noun; [sheyk-doun]. Defined as “a thorough search: a shakedown of prison cells to uncover hidden drugs.”

Back in 2007, actor, comedian and activist Bill Cosby was interviewed by one of my all-time favorite TV Anchors, Tim Russert on “Meet The Press”. In this interview, they discussed a book Cosby had just published called, “Come on People“. This interview is filled with compelling commentary, but the part I’d like to reference begins at minute 39:00 of the show.

I didn’t see this interview when it first aired. Instead, I was introduced to the concept of Bill Cosby’s “Shakedown” by a detective with the Hamilton County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The detective was making an Internet safety presentation to parents, talking about the importance of knowing what their children are doing both online, as well as in every-day life. I love the simplicity of this message and couldn’t agree more. Jump to minute 39:00 to see Cosby’s “shakedown” advice.

Here is what Cosby had to say…

“There’s a friend of mine who was in jail.  He is now a pastor in, in Wilmington.  And he talks about a thing called ‘shakedown.’ And in shakedown, you’re in prison, you go to your cell, and all of a sudden they go whoop-whoop!  And they stop the water from flowing into your—and they turn the lights, and you have to take your clothes, and they go through everything in your cell, and you have to stand there, period.  They’re looking for stuff.  And what, and what Pastor Dee says to the people in the church—and I’m telling you, people started cheering—he said, ‘Shakedown in your child’s room!  Your child didn’t buy that room, your child’s not paying rent.  You’re trying to keep your child from being murdered, from going to jail, etc., etc.  Shake down.  Look under the mattress, make sure your kid doesn’t have a gun.  Look into materials on the wall.  What is your kid talking about?  Is it dangerous?’ This is a part of love, and this is what we have to do, regardless of race, color or creed.”

HOORAY and thank you, Bill Cosby, for so passionately and eloquently summing up what all parents should do to help keep their children safe. Share this with a parent(s) you love.




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