Shakin’ Off The Dust: Is Your Branding Current?

Just like a house can benefit from a good spring cleaning, so can a company’s brand. Trust me when I say the thought of dusting every shelf of my home is enough to make me want to eat by candlelight – you can’t see dust in the dark, right? But that doesn’t work for branding – putting a brand assessment on the backburner and pretending it isn’t a priority “right now,” can send an organization to stale-ville very quickly.

Don’t be in the dark. Re-evaluate your audience, update your offerings, spruce up your social media, and take stock of what’s being said about you. Keeping branding current is as much a part of a business as keeping your technology up to date.

It may be time to update a website design, logo or color themes. Remember what the Starbucks logo looked like just two years ago? Adjusting their logo, as well as all corresponding communications and marketing, led to a rebranding campaign that was noted as a “meaningful update” that fit in with Starbucks’ future plans. From there, the coffee luminary redesigned their stores’ interiors, updated their website and came out with new products that together reflect a more artistic and modern feel.

A brand might consider appraising its target audiences. This summer, Marriot International launched a rebranding campaign, “Travel Brilliantly,” targeting young travelers by emphasizing experiential travel. The effort, paired with a website to convey the brand’s new messages online, included targeted commercials and a media relations campaign to get the attention of this new stakeholder group.

These are big brand examples of course, but the same applies to mid-cap companies and professional services firms. The formula to a brand refresh is to modify enough to be current, while still staying relevant to key publics. Here are a few tips with input from a great article in Inc. Magazine on how to accomplish a successful rebranding campaign while maintaining relevancy:

Think specifics. When rebranding a company’s overall image, all details should be taken into consideration – target audiences, messaging, look & feel, business lines. Cover it all. See what has change for your company, as well as your marketplace and your clients’ needs.

Ask questions: “One of the biggest challenges brand managers have is the threat of becoming myopic,” says Michael Olguin. “They begin to believe that they know exactly what their target consumer wants and what their motives are.” Continue to engage with stakeholders through social media platforms and blogging to ensure you always know what they are thinking.

Innovate and have a vision: To hold your public’s interest, actively create opportunities to rediscover your brand – this will also serve as a chance for new customers to take notice in your company. Create a vision, know that you might hit bumps in the road, and keep your eyes set on the horizon. Use what originally made your brand successful as inspiration to modernize your offerings.

Keeping up with ever-changing business needs and fluctuating client requirements while staying competitive is all part of running a successful enterprise today. The ability to adapt to the marketplace shifts says a great deal about your brand’s future relevancy and capacity to grow with its consumers. Be strong in your brand’s conviction and malleable with its application. Have you had thoughts about dusting off your brand?

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