Shape of Things to Come

 Image by Shelley & Dave

Image by Shelley & Dave

Are there things looming on your mind? Do certain situations trigger a comment like:

“Gosh, I have been wanting to….”

Do you feel disappointed because that thing seems so very far away? 

We all share this common feeling!

Sometimes I get exasperated when I cannot get to those certain things in my life. Sometimes the feeling of frustration causes me to focus on the lack of time in my life.

Did you notice the bolded word in my sentence? The more I focus on the lack the further the thing I want to accomplish seems to travel away from me.

Can I share with you an example of how I am learning to shift my attention from lack to gain?

I tend to use these 3 tools when I get that annoyed feeling from wanting to do something and not being able to do it.

Think It Out:

It is NOT time consuming, I slow things down and assess what is in my life. That way I can better understand my situation. I pause and go deeper, examining the busyness of my life.
Find The Box:

By slowing down, I allow myself the clarity to re shape the box I have created. If I think I am too busy and I say it outloud over and over, then the only result I will create is not doing the very thing I want to do.

Create the Solution:

 By prioritizing and figuring out the time available to me, I create my answer and I am able to create time to do that thing I have been wanting to do.

As you know, life can become hectic and unpredictable. I know that even more so, this last year, we have been fostering  newborn babies which, in itself, can be very frenzied.

One day we are a family of two and overnight we are a family of three and that third is usually about 10-days to 2 months old.

Each year I plant a garden and this year I was thinking “this year would be an exception.” I knew that with a newborn baby, I would be limited on time and my usual weekly garden tending would be too difficult.

I immediately became disappointed. I already thought that the garden this year was an all or nothing situation.

I created this story with Hi and Low Drama in my mind, may I share?

I have been hosting canning class to can my vegetables I wanted to grow from my garden….now I can’t! 

I want to grow my herb garden for my family meals…now I can’t!

Even if I plant, there won’t be time to tend my garden so everything will die…now I can’t! 

According to my story, no garden was in sight for me this year!

But….I had to gently remind myself:

  • Think it Out
  • Find the Box
  • Create the solution

An idea sprang forth… I don’t have to create a whole garden but I can create a city garden using pots. The  weeding process will be at a minimum or next to zilch.

I can grow the most important thing I want to preserve: tomatoes.

I can grow a few of my most used herbs. I can pick a week and break out the prepping, moving and setting up into increments.




When you invest time in thinking about the pros and less on the cons, the direction you need to go in becomes clearer.

You can create an intended path and by doing so move from paralyzed disappointment to contented satisfaction.

That means when you’re done, you can sit still and smile.

 image by Janex & Alba

image by Janex & Alba


Planting Peace…Shelley