Shattered! No More Glass Ceiling!


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I would love to one day use the word SHATTERED in this sentence. Women have SHATTERED the glass ceiling. That’s right,past tense. There is no more glass ceiling.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act that was signed into law. 50 years ago this law put into motion the idea that there would be no discrimination of pay based on gender. 50 years. Today, women earn 80 cents to a man’s $1 for the same exact job or position. WHAAAAAT????

Well, I could go on and on with the who, what ,where, and why’s of this situation (I really could). But let’s not go there. There are politico’s and “experts” for that discussion.

This blog is about networking. How to network, why to network, and what does networking do for you and your business. The WHAT is what we are going to focus on.

You see, I believe that networking can be the “SHATTERED” we have looked for from others. Meeting other business women and sharing the goals of our business’s, is just the first step. Networking can be the force that unites business women who want to make a difference in other’s lives. Together a force that is unstoppable.

Here is where the “Shattered” really comes in. I heard an interesting yet sad statistic on the CBS Morning show this week. 55% of men upon receiving a job offer negotiate for a higher offer. Do they always get it? No,but they ask for it. Want to guess how many women do this? Go on, I dare you, I double dare you to guess…….(I am playing the Jeopardy music in my head). 7, SEVEN, 7% of women go back and negotiate the offer they have recieved. This number floored me and I hope it did you too. This needs to change and networking is one of the hammers to make that happen.

So here are some suggestions when networking that will turn this 7% statistic into 70%!recentheadshotpeeking

1)Don’t be an expert in your field. Be “the” expert. Your 60 second personal commercial should tell everyone you are the go to person if they need xyz product or service.

2)A lot of networking groups hold mastermind sessions. If you are invited GO! You can be in front of peers that will honestly give you an assessment of your services vs. fees. Or any other issues that you want to a fair and honest opinion on.

3)As you build clientele thru networking you will build confidence and the reality that what you ask for is what you are worth.

4)Saying “no” won’t kick you out of the group. If someone isn’t willing to pay your fee, that is okay. They don’t realize your talent and skill set. They just need to get to know you more. The beauty of a networking group is you don’t get kicked out for saying no to a job. In fact, even better you get to move on to the next person who will see your value.

Networking allows you to build. To build your business and in my opinion most important your confidence. Confidence is what is needed to say, “let’s negotiate this, my services are worth more”! Let’s set the goal that our grandaughters (and grandson’s) will never even know there was a “glass ceiling”. When they walk through a door accepting a job offer, it was the one they wanted at the pay scale they deserve!

Robin Tracey is Co-Founder and CEO of Interconnections for Women Networking. Where we believe “You have to Network to Get work”
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