Shelley Rubalcava

Shelley Rubalcava created her business Piece of Time, Peace of Mind™ to help clients find balance and harmony in their lives. Shelley knows the value of time and the feeling of being overwhelmed. As a sufferer of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome among other health problems, she went from a fast paced career and an active personal lifestyle to sleeping up to 20 hours a day.

The weight of life responsibilities and the burden of chronic stress caused her to be sick for 4 years. She had absolutely no energy and she describes that period like “A conscious coma, my mind was aware but I just had no energy to move. I slowly saw my life become endless days of sleep.” Adrenal glands regulate the body’s stress response. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome reduces a person’s ability to handle stress and typically causes extreme fatigue.

Getting well was gradual and took a lot of time and discipline. She had to replace old habits and create new ones. Through this process her greatest lesson was the importance of living a balanced life. She committed herself to a simplified life and found the reward of having Peace of Mind.

She launched Piece of Time Peace of Mind™ in 2009-a business that is designed to offer services to help people with their overwhelmed lives. Her business offers services as cooking, decorating, personal shopping, grocery shopping, meal prepping, organizing your home, office and or garage. She can even help you with your business offering fresh ideas, resources and streamline your systems, to work more efficiently for you.

“I am now helping people who are overwhelmed or have no time, by being an extra set of hands I am able to work with individuals and help them create balance in their lives. I can be your Balance coach offering support and suggestions to gain Peace in your life. I believe everyone Deserves Peace.”

When Shelley is not busy planting peacefulness you will find her cooking, gardening volunteering or playing with her pets click here. She actively fosters Babies, participates in senior companionship, fosters puppies and kittens, mentors students and donates her time at the local library.

Shelley’s goal is to be that extra set of hands to help you wherever you are feeling overwhelmed. You deserve Peace!

She will be your support and get your life back in order!

“Shelley was Wonderful…truly a Gem! A sweet, Caring Person, with a gift to help those of us who are less than organized. Highly recommended to give you some Peace of Time, Peace of Mind. “~L. Baker Anaheim CA

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