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There are those among us that don’t believe the payoff for using coupons is worth the trouble. First, you need to find them, snip them out or print them, organize them, and ultimately remember to take them with you so that you can use them.


Yes, coupons can be a hassle, but if you put together a functioning system that easily works for you, then it will become a natural part of your shopping adventure. The more you use coupons to shop with, the less likely you are to spend full retail on anything ever again.


I am in no way an extreme couponer. While shopping, it makes me feel good to save money, and I get a shameless euphoric high when I see how much money I saved at the bottom of my receipt.


One of the most crucial aspects of shopping with coupons is knowing where to locate them. There are many places to find coupons including newspapers, magazines, online, junk mail, and store mailings. Check the back of your store receipts, and coupons attached to packaging. Add printable coupons for additional savings.


I look for the Smart Source and RedPlum coupon inserts inside my Sunday paper. Local ads can also be found weekly in your daily paper. Most stores now offer a frequent shopper savings card that automatically deducts the coupon amount from your bill without having to present a physical coupon. These are handy and convenient, but you do have to remember to give it to the cashier.  Click here for more coupons


Next, you will need to choose a place where you want to keep your coupons. It could be a recipe box, file folder, envelope, coin purse, etc. The ideal place to keep them is in the place that works best for you.


Once you’ve decided on where to keep your coupons, you will want to come up with an organizing system that will quickly help you locate the ones that you need. Some people sort items by aisle, expiration date, or by grocery categories such as cereals, cleaners, food items, pet products, and toiletries. I sort by categories, and I always put the coupons, that I just cut out, in the back of the others in my recipe box, with the thought that they will expire later.


Try to find stores that offer double coupons or honor competitors coupons. You can save even more money if you can find items that are on sale and match them with coupons. Find grocery deals by state.


I file new coupons every Sunday after I cut them out of the paper. I find that if I don’t sort them right away, they sit in a pile and eventually become an unpleasant chore that I would rather not do. This is going to take a little bit of discipline on your part, but with the money you save, you can reward yourself for all your hard work.


It is important to sort your coupons at least once a month to toss the ones that are expired. I choose to do it at the end of the month only because it easy for me to remember.


Some stores offer instant savings or coupon codes that you can use for checking out. These can offer you substantial savings and all you have to do is take advantage of the offers. For instance, Amazon has coupon codes that are posted daily. Take a photo of a coupon with your smartphone and present to the cashier, or search and download the latest coupon Apps for your phone such as Cartwheel by Target. Find saving-tips here.



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