Social Media: Should I Post if I Have Nothing to Say?

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I did a post the other day on my Facebook page that asked the question: if you don’t have anything to say, should you post anyway? This is something that I’ve been struggling with for a while now and I know it goes against everything that’s ever been written about social media.

The experts say that you should be posting to social media on average anywhere from 2 – 20 times per day, depending on the platform, but what do you post that hasn’t already been posted by other people hundreds or even thousands of times already and doesn’t involve pictures of your children, pets, or your plans for the day?

I’m not an expert at social media so I won’t even attempt to trot out any statistics or best practices because they’ve all been written about by people far more knowledgeable than myself, but how do I find that sweet spot between what the experts say I should do and what I personally feel I should do?

I’ve seen a lot of repetitive posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and while I can understand it if you’re promoting a blog post, article, or product, I can’t understand it if you’re doing it just so you can meet your quota of posts for the day. And that brings me back to my original question: if you don’t have anything to say, should you post anyway?

Personally, I find it annoying to read the exact same thing on every platform I’m on and think it’s a bit lazy not to try and come up with original content for each of your platforms. I understand how hard this can be and I understand the theory behind carbon copying your content but that is not my style and maybe that is why I will never have a huge audience.

I say this not to criticize those who do this because you have to do what works for you but that is why I choose not to post everyday because sometimes I really don’t have anything to say and instead of posting just because I would rather stay silent.

I know this way of thinking goes against all conventional wisdom when it comes to social media, but the experts also say that you should be yourself. If being myself means I go dark for a day or two isn’t that better than seeing yet another picture of my dogs (although they’re pretty damn cute) or hearing what I had for lunch?

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