Should You Blog?

tumblr_inline_mp08sz8CGN1qz4rgpBlogging is the 21st century newspaper. Whether you are a company sharing news or a health fanatic sharing your favorite smoothie of the week, blogging can be used to reach a variety of audiences with a diverse array of content. The best part about blogging is that it’s a great portal to unleash your creative monster and attract attention that can help build your brand and image!

Blogging Makes an Impact

In a market driven by online presence and search engine optimization, blogging has quickly risen as a company’s “learning center” or “behind-the-scenes” to add a personal and human touch. shares that in the past, companies like Google put an emphasis on keywords, which words that you were using to market your business and how often those words appeared on your website. As technology has evolved, Google and other search engines are using advanced formulas that determine how frequently you post and update your website in addition to the origination and quality of the content you post.

Blogging with quality content makes an impact on your online reputation and provides an effective method of increasing search engine rankings. Blogging allows you to post high quality content and posting it regularly allows you to quickly find real estate on page one.

Additionally, your blog can direct readers to your site. Google emphasizes new content, so the chances of your blog rising to the top of an organic Google keyword search pointing to your company website are pretty good.

Blogging Will School You

Posting quality content can be tough. In fact, developing quality content is probably one of the most difficult parts of blogging. As you fine-tune the purpose of your blog, you’ll begin to gain more knowledge and expertise on your industry. This knowledge will help position you as an industry thought leader both online and offline.

How do you incorporate your blog into your social media strategy?

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