Should You Hire a Bookkeeper?

Should You Hire a Bookkeeper?
Hire a Bookkeeper

Should You Hire a Bookkeeper?

You are in the early stages of your business or maybe you just started your business. You know that bookkeeping is an important part of owning and successfully operating your business. But, the question is, should you do it yourself or hire someone to complete this task for you? Below, we aim to help you determine what the best fit might be for your business and bookkeeping needs.

Do It Yourself (DIY Bookkeeping)

    • You have a basic understanding of bookkeeping concepts.
    • You like bookkeeping (i.e. you at least mildly enjoy the subject) and have the desire to give it the attention it needs.
    • You consider yourself tech-savvy.
    • You have time to devote to completing this task each month.
    • You have a CPA that prepares and files your taxes for you that you can also refer to with any bookkeeping questions.

You Should Hire a Bookkeeper If…

    • You have a basic understanding of bookkeeping concepts, but don’t have time to keep up on your bookkeeping.
    • You don’t know anything about bookkeeping concepts or you don’t have time to learn them.
    • You just plain don’t like anything that has to do with bookkeeping.
    • You are not organized.


Which camp do you fall in? Or, maybe, you are a combination of both? Maybe you don’t even know what your bookkeeping needs are? Do you need help figuring this out and making a decision? Contact CrunchSum today. We offer web-based bookkeeping services and specialize in working with both web and technology-based and service-based companies.

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