Show Up For Yourself; My Experience at the Social Curation Summit

Liz and the City – Like Sex and the City – Or something like that… What an incredible view from the top of the Empire State Building! 

On July 31, I traveled to New York City for the Social Curation Summit, which was hosted by MediaBistro. I got to hang with the ladies from WomenCentric and also got to meet some new friends:
@collaboracion, @critiques4geeks@kanyessa, @dcap, @AmyVernon, among other amazingly cool people.

Conferences are always valuable because they provide you with stellar, new information and often-times change your perspective on your industry for the better. This did that.

More though, conferences are MOST valuable if you just SHOW UP.

LIZ TIP: Show up for yourself.

Seriously – it is the colleagues you meet and the friends you make that really nurture the growth of your business. When you get out there and network, it can feel like dating (eeek! SCARY!) However, that is the key to creating a professional support system. It’s invaluable to find people who got your back.

LIZ TIP part 2: Showing up for yourself means you show up for others.

If you give your business the self-love it needs in showing up to conferences and events, people will notice it. They will notice YOU. That can pay in dividends.


What conferences have you attended recently? What have they taught you? SHARE HERE!!!!


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