Shut the Door on Fear

Shut the Doors!!!
Fear can be a gripping emotion. The emotion of fear can be debilitating if left unchallenged. As a matter of fact being afraid can actually be out right tormenting. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle fear. We have all experienced some form of fear at some point in our lives. The fear(s) that we have could have arrived at childhood or entered during our adulthood, but no matter when fear knocked it came in with a grand entrance. Loud, intimidating, boisterous, alluring, misleading along with many other characteristics. It was right at the time that fear knocked that we either immediately locked the doors or left them wide open. The doors that I speak of are those to your mind and heart. The mind operates in the realm of your will, thoughts, intellect and emotions, but the heart encompasses your very being the core of who you are. Now it would be one thing to let fear enter the mind, but to allow it to reside in your heart means that it is able to control everything you do, say, think, ect. STOP!! You may be experiencing the agonizing emotion of fear at this moment. Why? It could be uncertainty, perceptions, past failure, or to sum it all up a lack of faith. Fear is the opposite of Faith. Walking by faith and not by sight is the first step to closing the doors to fear (King James Version, 2Cr. 5:7). The old saying is “face your fear” and it will be conquered. I agree, but I also say speak to your fear and it will flee from you. Tell fear where you want it to go and it will obey you. You are the house and the doors belong to you. It’s time to shut the doors to fear and invite faith. Secondly, “perfect love cast out all fear” (King James Version, Jn 4:18). Receive the perfect love of God and you can break the hold of fear. For additional ways to overcome fear go to

Letatia Long is the founder of Time of Refreshing Ministries that provides spiritual life coaching for those desiring to move from point A to point B. Letatia enjoys writing, Zumba, and traveling.

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