The Significance & Importance of Forehead Kiss

We all know that action speaks louder than words. And kissing is such an action that speaks louder than any word when it comes to expressing love and affection to your dear ones.

The way a person gives a kiss expresses many things about what actually is going inside that person’s mind. There are various kinds of kisses exist in this world. Some of them you may have already experienced and some may yet to be discovered. Today’s discussion is all about forehead kiss.

Forehead kiss symbolizes a tone of affection between children and their parents, siblings, close friends, and even lovers. But after getting forehead kisses from your parents, siblings and friends for a long time, if you start getting from your lover as well, you may feel little confused about the whole matter. It is possible that you will try to find ways to react to this kind of act. It is okay to feel confused. That is why I am here to make you feel free from all sorts of confusion regarding receiving forehead kiss from your lover.

Let’s start the discussion.

  • Blessing with Love & Care

When somebody sneezes, his/her heart skips a bit. That is why other people around that person say him/her “bless you” out of formality. This is a small example I have given here to make you understand that blessing is not a thing that only elder people give to the younger ones. Through blessing, we can wish wellness to anybody. And when it comes to your lover, the rule remains the same. When your lover gives you a forehead kiss, you must feel lucky because other than love, your partner shows care for you and wishes happiness and wellness to you. This proves you are really special for your partner.

  • Affection without Carnal Intention

Physical intimacy is very important in a healthy love relationship. But is physical intimacy all about having sex? Obviously not, Holding a hand, giving a peck on cheek, kissing on the forehead are very integral parts of a long-term affectionate relationship. When a man kisses his partner’s forehead, this shows his affection, care and true love towards his partner. It is completely free from lust. And trust me, the more you get these kinds of gestures from your boyfriend/husband, the better way you can depend on him.

  • Symbol of Respect

Respect is another meaning of forehead kiss. When you receive a forehead kiss from your better half, you should feel how much adored and respected you are in this relationship. It signifies that you are getting respect for the way you are and the other person is glad that you are a crucial part of his or her life.

  • Selflessness

You are busy in the morning making breakfast for him. He is busy in getting ready for office. Time is running out. Probably he will be late for the office meeting. But then also before leaving home if he gives a kiss on your forehead, that means how selflessly he loves you. It signifies no matter what happens, he loves you and needs only you in his life. You are the most important part of his life.

  • Sense of Shielding

Sometimes, depending on the situation, kissing on forehead shows the sense of safeguarding and responsibility. You can feel more secure and relaxed when you get a kiss on your forehead from your lover in tough situations or stress.

So you can understand after going through the entire discussion that the meaning of forehead kiss has different aspects which all are indirectly connected to two things – love and care. Forehead kiss touches not just your body, but your soul in such a manner that you feel loved, safe, adored and the luckiest in love. Even when somebody parts ways temporarily and kisses you goodbye, that means you will always be in his/her heart and there is always platonic love that will exist. Forehead kiss is closely connected with all the wonderful things that love has to proffer.

So, do not feel bad by thinking that you are not good enough to get a kiss on the lips. Stop making sarcastic comments as well. You are the luckiest person when it comes to love. Thus you are receiving the pure form of love and affection from your partner. So cherish it and stay blessed.


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