Sisterhood: Are your elbows in or out?

Sisterhood: Are your elbows in or out?
Sisterhood: Are your elbows in or out?

Sisterhood: Are your elbows in or out?

In my quest to find women with elbows IN, rather than OUT, I am making great progress.

The sisterhood just gained a new compassionate gene and we are, without sounding too corny – ”girl power”.

However, it seems that I may have let my naivety gene get the better of me.

Yes, we are helping one another more than ever, and GREAT organizations are growing out of this and enlightening us on how to ”represent”. However, sometimes the feeling garnered from such ventures can often leave the ”Chief in command” of said organization with more power and less empower. The moment we forget that our audience is our potential investor and PR machine is the moment we call on a power failure. If we are to truly empower from a space of no greed and elbows in, then we are going to have to make peace with what drives our ego to act like an untamed, starving animal.

What has us hunt and not gather?

Scarcity feeds into our depravity and we truly believe somewhere deep within us that if we give away too much, if we share too much of the space we carved out for ourselves, then there will be nothing left and one of us will have to jump ship or drown.

Are we all haters?

I don’t think so. I have been fortunate enough to come across many generous, genuine space sharers. However, we all know that if sharers truly outnumbered my encounters with haters, then I would not feel impassioned to write such an article.

Recently, I learnt all about the ‘’female advantage’’ and when I actually used this advantage to ask for what I want, all I heard was ”cricket – cricket – cricket”

Maybe I am delusional – possible

Maybe I aspire for something unattainable – NOT POSSIBLE

Where are YOUR elbows right now?

Epiphany #5, 651 of the year:  moments that challenge my naivety are just as they sound – moments. It is My moment to have my dreams grow. Without knowing it, the power gained from a loss of power can be more powerful than actually empowering me. They may want me to ‘flop splat die’, but the real result is Ravneet on 10 cups of coffee. Combine that with my entrepreneurial fire fuel and what you’re left with is a ‘kaboom bang’ and not ‘flop splat die’.

I use situations like this to my advantage – if you truly, deeply believe in your vision – you have to go for it, there is no such thing as a ”safe entrepreneur” – it’s like driving with a flat tire in a storm – all you can do is trust

Get your entrepreneurial fire fuel pumping


Get your elbows in (thx project eve)




Share the space, there is enough room for us all


Sisterhood people, sisterhood!



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