Site Guidelines

Forum/Member Blog Guidelines 

Project Eve’s discussion forums are one of our most valuable resources. These discussions are meant to create a sense of community amongst our members and provide a safe and supportive environment to learn, share, and help one another overcome challenges.

1. Be respectful: This is our most important and strictly enforced rule. Respect means showing regard and goodwill towards other members of the Project Eve community. Personal attacks, flaming, or other inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated and can result in suspension from We understand that not everybody will be able to agree all of the time, but we will enforce that members can be civil to each other all of the time. You don’t have to respect everyone’s opinion, but you do have to respect her right to say it. 

2. Respect privacy: Do not post anything that contains telephone numbers, addresses or any private information of other Project Eve members. NEVER request nor give e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, or other private information in a public forum. Any post containing such information is subject to deletion. If a member is contacting you, and you do not feel comfortable, please contact your administrators. 

3. Don’t spam: Spam posts are defined as posts that are content-free or add nothing to the discussion at hand. This includes posts just to bump a thread to the top of the page. Topics that only call for one or two word replies may be deleted under this rule. Anything that qualifies as spam will be deleted upon sight. 

4. Topic Guidelines: Please keep forum discussion on topic. Responses that are off-topic maybe deleted or moved. Additionally, please make sure that you are posting your topics in the correct discussion category. Any topics posted in the wrong board will be moved. If you are unsure where to post, contact your administrator. 

  • No Solicitations
 No solicitations for religious or political campaigns, any type of “Vote for X” messages, chain letters, or requests for monetary donations. 
  • Posting links encouraging members to take surveys is not allowed. Any exceptions must get approval.
  • No Political Discussions 
Please refrain from posting political opinions or commentary. 
  • No Solitary Links 
Forum posts that contain a link to an article or website with no explanation or context provided may be removed. Please use the link function (far upper left) when attaching a link to a discussion or reply.
  • No Inflammatory Language
 Posts that include inflammatory language such as profanity, sarcasm or personal attacks will be removed from the forums.
  • No Bullying or Harassment
 Members should be polite, courteous and respectful when debating sensitive topics. Any form of bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • No Illegal Posts
 Forum posts that are found to be in violation of Federal or State Law will be deleted.

5. Language, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation: This is an English speaking community, we require that posted content be in English so that it can be well received and properly monitored. Although we do not expect perfection and understand what auto-complete and fat fingers can do, it is important that your comments, blog posts, etc. are presented in a clear, coherent manner.

6. Keep copies of your work: Although it is by no means a requirement, we strongly encourage you to save copies of your blogs and discussions to your personal computer. Project Eve will not be held responsible for items deleted, intentionally (i.e. by an admin) or otherwise.

7. Do not make duplicate threads: Before making a new thread, please make sure there isn’t one for that topic already, as the new thread will be closed. Double posts are discouraged as well; please use the edit feature if you forgot to add something to your post.

8. Project Eve as a promotion tool: Forums and blogs are intended as an area for give and take rather than a personal advertising platform. When you introduce yourself to the community you may promote your personal projects and business, beyond that it is discouraged. However, you can post a response to another member’s forum post. For example, you may not start a thread suggesting members use a particular career coach. However, if a member asks for advice on finding a good career coach, you can comment on their post with detailed info regarding a career coach including the coach’s name and other pertinent info. If you have an affiliation with the business (for example: you are the owner or an employee) you must disclose this affiliation in your response and your response must be relevant to the conversation. Unsolicited advertising and self promotion is allowed in the ‘Classifieds’ section and the Business Directory (coming soon).

Do not use the private messaging system for solicitations e.g. to tell people to visit your site, use your business, etc. Do not link to any sites with content exceeding the rating of PG-13, even in your profile. No solicitation of contact information, requests for members to join other forums, boards, or chats, or attempts to sell products or services will be tolerated. Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension from Project Eve.

9. No explicit or offensive material will be allowed: We do not condone the discussion, display or description of material that is above what most consider a PG-13 rating. Users are not allowed to use vulgar or coarse language, including efforts to get around a coarse language filter. No racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language will be tolerated. Posts containing sexually charged imagery or descriptions will be deleted. Anything in a post or profile that an administrator deems inappropriate will be deleted at the admin’s discretion. 

10. Photos and videos: Be aware that all photos you post to Project Eve are visible to the entire Project Eve community. It is absolutely required that all of your photos relate to Project Eve.

11Event Postings: No posts in the forums for events, talks, open houses, etc. Please see item 8 concerning “Project Eve as a promotional tool.” Members are encouraged to use the events page to list their event and invite people to attend. If you are interested in further publicizing your event (having it featured, listing it in the news feed, co-sponsoring it with Project Eve, etc.) please contact us to discuss advertising opportunities.

12. The Classifieds Section: Please note that the following items should be posted in the Classifieds section, not in the forums:  items to buy or wishing to buy, discount codes, real estate, job listings, seeking employment.

Please contact us if you are interested in advertising or cross-promotional opportunities with Project Eve

13. Copyright: Project Eve respects copyright laws and expects our members to do the same please make sure to use the link function to reference articles in forum posts and properly quote and attribute source materials in your forum posts and blogs.

Project Eve complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”). If you believe that content or material appearing on Project Eve infringes your copyright or violates your intellectual property rights please alert us and use the procedure detailed in our DMCA Policy Guidelines in our Terms of Service.

14. Respect the decisions of the Administrators: We chose our administrators carefully. They will never treat your problems lightly – in exchange you must understand that their decisions are final. 

If you feel that the behavior of another Project Eve member does not live up to this Code of Conduct, please report them to a Project Eve administrator. Please note that deletion of offending material and suspension of accounts is up to the discretion of the Project Eve administrators and may occur for reasons not specifically outlined in this document.

15. False Identity:  Project Eve’s community has been created with a foundation of openness and trust. If it is found that a member’s application includes false or misleading information, or that a member has otherwise misrepresented themselves or their affiliation with a person or entity the member is subject to permanent suspension from Project Eve at the discretion of our Administrators. Further, each user is allowed to create one account. If it is discovered that one user has created multiple accounts all her accounts are subject to suspension.

16. Leaving the Community: We understand that from time to time members will need to leave the Project Eve community. We make it a practice not to delete accounts, posts, or other content in the community based on that circumstance alone. All content is granted to Project Eve with perpetual electronic publishing rights. Any content posted on this community becomes a part of the Project Eve community even if the member is no longer a part of or community. You may make requests that certain content is removed at any time however it is up to the discretion of the administrators when, if, and how the content is removed. If a member no longer wishes to be identified with Project Eve we will be glad to close your account and alter your profile information to remove all identifying characteristics.


Please be aware, our discussions are not fully moderated. Posts made by members are displayed immediately after being submitted.

Reporting Problems

We rely on all Project Eve members to notify us when they see a post that violates forum guidelines. This can be done by sending an email to[email protected] or by using the “Report an Issue” link at the bottom of every page. To “flag” a discussion or message as inappropriate please copy and paste the discussion topic and if applicable the message or reply into the body of your note to us. A Project Eve administrator will then review the message in question. The moderator will choose to either ignore the notice (in which case the message continues to be displayed) or will delete the message from the discussion and potentially close the discussion for further comment and delete it entirely.  It is up to the moderator to decide if a post is in violation of a forum rule. If the message is deleted, a copy will be saved for future reference (unless it is posted multiple times in the same discussion or it is posted in multiple discussion forums, in which case it will simply be deleted). Please note that no notification will be sent to the poster when the message is deleted. If you find that one of your posts is not displayed in the discussion, please send an email to[email protected] and we will explain why your post was removed.


If a member violates Project Eve’s guidelines multiple times, that member may be placed in temporary suspension. This means that they will be allowed to return after a two-week hiatus from membership. A Project Eve administrator will notify the member when they are allowed to return to full participation. Members who continue to violate Project Eve’s guidelines are subject to protracted or permanent suspension. Permanent suspension is up to the discretion of Project Eve’s administrators. Project Eve reserves the right to take appropriate action (for example: suspending or revoking membership) if a member continuously violates our guidelines.

Moderating Discussions

If a discussion contains multiple comments that are in violation of Project Eve’s guidelines, our administrators will post a warning reminding members to be considerate when participating in the discussion. If it continues in the same manner, the discussion will be closed for further comment or removed from the website.